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Male Breast Surgery versus Gynecomastia Surgery

38-year-old male patient 2 months following his gynecomastia repair.

Male breast surgery versus gynecomastia surgery is a differentiation that requires discussing individual clients’ goals. Male breast surgery is reserved for patients wanting a bold and armored chest plate appearance. This is in contrast to a more low profile and flat appearance of conventional gynecomastia. Clients desiring bolder male breast surgery will often have abdominal contouring done to unveil their six-pack. This is because the bolder appearance of the chest is more harmonious with an etched abdominal contour. As stated, conventional gynecomastia surgery results in a more subdued, flattened chest focused on eliminating man boobs. The flattened chest appearance does resolve the feminized chest appearance but does not necessarily condone a strong masculine appearance. To appreciate the difference between male breast surgery and gynecomastia surgery, it is necessary to discuss the details of each surgery.

Male breast surgery

Male breast surgery involves conservative debulking of the central chest region. As such, direct glandular tissue excision is substituted with only ultrasound-assisted liposuction. More conservative debulking of the central chest allows for a bolder chest appearance. Male breast surgery aims to create a bold, plateau-shaped contour rather than a flat plain-like appearance. In addition, the borders of the chest are typically augmented to convert round borders to more linear pentagonal lines. The augmented border includes the medial chest region to create medial pillars that accentuate the sternal line. The lower border ensures a linear inframammary crease that completes a pentagonal chest appearance. Augmentation of these localized areas is accomplished to transfer fatty tissues and serves to accommodate excess skin. The male breast surgery creates an armored chest plate appearance that is more harmonious with creating a six-pack abdomen.

Gynecomastia surgery

Gynecomastia surgery focuses on eliminating the feminized chest described by a full and rounded chest mound. In this scenario, your chest surgery focuses on eliminating any chest prominence by creating a flat, plain-like appearance. This look is accomplished by more aggressive debulking of the central chest, which often requires direct gland excision and reduced breast tissue peripherally in the form of fatty excess. This contrasts with male breast surgery that uses ultrasound-guided liposuction to only conservatively lower central chest prominence. Peripheral chest liposuction is performed to ensure complete flattening of the breast mound and acts like a general breast reduction surgery to reduce enlarged breasts.

Male breast surgery versus gynecomastia surgery conclusion

In summary, if you are interested in chest contouring, we recommend you consult with one of our SurgiSculpt surgeons to determine which surgery will best achieve your goals.

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