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Brazilian Buttock Lift San Diego

Brazilian Buttock Lift San Diego
Brazilian Buttock Lift San Diego
Brazilian Buttock Lift San Diego

A 54-year-old female following VASER high definition liposuction of the underarm and Renuvion skin tightening and an etching of the anterior and posterior deltoid grooves, flanks, and a Brazilian buttock lift.

Brazilian buttock lift San Diego patients must consider their unique opportunity to have their buttocks enhancement surgery performed by one of the premier surgeons and nationally renowned body sculptors. SurgiSculpt is well regarded for its superior buttock contouring outcomes, with patients traveling from throughout the country to achieve their buttocks enhancement goals.

Prospective Brazilian Butt Lift patients can take advantage of our headquarters in South Laguna Beach, less than an hour away from San Diego. They will only require a visit to our Laguna Beach headquarters to complete their incredible Brazilian buttock lift at our state-of-the-art surgical facility. Following your initial consultation, you can take advantage of proprietary surgical procedures pioneered and designed by our surgeons to optimize Brazilian Butt Lift procedures. Butt augmentation surgery advances include:

1) Ultrasound-guided fat cell injection
2) Closed loop canister system

Ultrasound-Guided Fat Cell Injection.

Ultrasound-guided fat cell injection allows our SurgiSculpt butt lift surgeons to minimize the risk of fat emboli. Fat emboli describe a complication of fat transfer to the buttock during Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery that can be detrimental to your health. Avoiding a fat embolus is the utmost safety concern in patients who desire a butt augmentation procedure. As such, every measure must be taken to minimize the risk of developing fat emboli. One of the cornerstones of minimizing this risk of complication is the ability to avoid injecting fat cells under the gluteus maximus muscle. Using an ultrasound viewer in a real-time fashion, avoiding fat injection into or under the gluteal muscles is possible. Buttock shape and size can be improved to achieve your aesthetic goals using this radiographic technique. Patient safety remains a high priority when attempting to achieve your cosmetic goals at SurgiSculpt.

Closed Loop Canister System

The closed-loop canister system is a proprietary sterile container that can optimize fat harvesting, processing, and reinjection. This container provides the ability to collect fat cells efficiently in an environment that avoids any contact with the external environment. Subsequently, it allows for efficient processing of the fat cells with contact-free antibiotic irrigation and immediate removal of the aspirate to prepare the fat cells for reinjection. Finally, the fat cells are reintroduced back into the body by minimizing out-of-body times, thus improving fat cell viability and BBL procedure outcomes. Transforming a flat buttock to shapely buttocks through this outpatient procedure has been effective for San Diego patients desiring long-lasting results.

Unique Brazilian Buttock Lift San Diego

In addition, Brazilian buttock lift San Diego patients can take advantage of preoperative planning and education regarding their postoperative regimens to ensure an effective procedure and speedy recovery process. Today, you can effectively improve your body contour by transferring excess body fat to your bum with buttock enhancement surgery. Due to the effectiveness of fat transfer, augmentation with buttock implants has fallen out of favor. Today, this outpatient surgery can be performed effectively and affordably.

If you live in San Diego, this procedure is perfect for you. Please make a consultation appointment so we can share the transformation that could be yours. Brazilian buttock San Diego patients desiring buttocks reshaping or augmentation are urged to check out SurgiSculpt’s Brazilian buttock lift before and after photos and complete an initial consultation before committing to having their buttocks surgery.

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