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Are You Too Thin for a Skinny BBL

If you are wondering whether you are too thin for a skinny BBL, we have a lot to share with you. First of all, you must remember that using high definition body contouring with VASER liposuction principles allows us to harvest 40% more fat than traditional methods. Another consideration is that you can undergo high definition lipo 360 as a modality to remove the fat. A final myth that we need to bust involves the concept that you should gain weight in preparation for your fat transfer.

VASER Liposuction With High Definition Liposuction for your Skinny BBL

Does not having enough fat for your skinny BBL concern you? It is important to note, your skinny BBL traditionally does not require large amounts of fat transfer. This means that less fat harvest is required! In general approximately 1/3rd of your liposuction volume will be available for the fat transfer to your buttock and hips. This means that if we harvest approximately 3 L of fat aspirate, you will have 1 L of pure fat to transfer. This is because the fat aspirate must be processed. This involves washing the fat with antibiotic solution and then removing the fluid from it.

Remember that the 1 L of pure fat must then be split between your two cheeks, thus resulting in 500cc of fat transfer per cheek.  This volume is on the high end of the skinny BBL fat transfers. As such, you can work backwards by estimating how much fat you are desiring for your buttock augmentation and reshaping. For example, if you want 300cc of fat transferred to each cheek, this means that you will need 600cc of total fat. This translates to 1800cc of fat aspirate that your plastic surgeon needs to harvest. VASER liposuction allows your plastic surgeon to harvest 40% more fat than traditional techniques. It becomes clear that 1800cc of fat harvest is very feasible even if you have 5 % body fat.

High Definition Lipo 360 to Achieve your Skinny BBL

Using high definition lipo protocols, you can expect to have a 360 degree approach to your liposuction needs. This is because we approach your contouring through the lens of a sculptor. We treat you like a glorified statue that we need to sculpt so that it looks good from all angles. A consequence of performing circumferential liposuction, is that we have the luxury of harvesting fat from a large surface area. Thus, since you may have very little fat in any given region, the sum of the areas lends itself to collecting sufficient fat for your skinny BBL.

Do Not Gain Weight for your BBL

A common myth is thinner patients may gain weight prior to their thinking it will improve their fat volume transfer. Unfortunately, this is the worst advice that can be communicated to a prospective BBL patient. This is because with weight gain you do not gain more fat cells; rather, the fat cells you already have just get larger.

Unfortunately, larger fat cells only compromise your fat cell take. This means that a lower percentage of fat cells transferred will survive the fat transfer process. This is because larger fat cells are more challenged in the transfer process. First, they are more likely to be nicked as they travel through the small holes of the fat grafting cannulas. The second is that larger fat cells have a smaller surface area to volume ratio. A smaller surface area translates to more likelihood of not establishing blood flow in its new buttock home!

Are You Too Thin for a Skinny BBL Conclusion

In summary, if you are considering a skinny BBL, then you do not likely need to worry about being too thin. This is because, your buttock reshaping is typically minimal to moderate in transfer volumes. Moreover, with the advent of VASER liposuction, it is likely that fat harvest volumes will be sufficient to achieve the aspirate volumes needed for your buttock transfer. As such, it is critical that you do not gain weight for your buttock transfer as this will only compromise your volume retention.

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