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Mommy Makeover Newport Beach 

What is a mommy makeover? Mommy Makeover surgery Newport Beach style focuses on providing dedicated moms simultaneous rejuvenation of their post-pregnancy abdominal, breast, back, buttocks, and thigh changes.

SurgiSculpt utilizes his artistry and extensive experience to customize your mommy makeover surgical plan to reverse all of the undesired changes incurred by pregnancy. SurgiSculpt mommy makeover surgery involves an individualized and detailed surgical plan combining tummy tuck, breast augmentation and/or breast lift, along with high definition liposuction contouring of the flanks, back, buttocks, and thighs.

Tummy Tuck - A Staple of Mommy Makeovers

SurgiSculpt is well regarded for his superior mommy makeover before and after results with tummy tucks that are aesthetically appealing both in and out of close. SurgiSculpt tummy tuck patients take advantage of several modifications of traditional techniques that allow for transformative abdominal contour improvements. As you can see from the before and after photographs, a mommy makeover surgery Newport Beach style delivers astonishing results!

First, SurgiSculpt employs a low incision line which can be concealed by undergarments of bikini bottoms. In addition, SurgiSculpt is famous for creating an "innie" belly button that allows patients to wear a two-piece swimming suit without being embarrassed by exposing an operated looking belly button. SurgiSculpt is able to create this "innie" belly button by using his published surgical tool, “the SurgiSculpt Umbilicator”, which allows for the optimum placement of your new belly button during tummy tuck surgery.  This is an important part of mommy makeover surgery Newport Beach style.

In addition, SurgiSculpt is able to correct more severe abdominal bulges resulting from complex ventral hernias or thinning of your abdominal muscles. If you think your post-pregnancy changes are far gone, SurgiSculpt can help you!

He may even be able to obtain medical insurance coverage for your procedure to help you financially to get an affordable, yet superior Mommy Makeover surgery results.

Breast Augmentation and/or Lift

What is a Mommy Makeover with regards to breast augmentation? It involves a comprehensive analysis of the breasts to identify all of the pregnancy and post-pregnancy breastfeeding changes.

Universally, a review of Mommy Makeover surgery Newport Beach style before and after photographs will demonstrate breast mound volume deflation. These patients require a simple breast augmentation surgery which will replace the lost loss in breast mound volume.

A closer review of Mommy Makeover before and after photographs reveals that a significant minority of patients demonstrate breast drooping; patients demonstrating breast droop in addition to breast mound deflation will benefit from SurgiSculpt expertise in performing a simultaneous breast lift and implant augmentation.

SurgiSculpt modified vertical mastopexy procedure allows moms to have the complete correction of their post-pregnancy breast changes regardless of how deflated, sagging, or deformed you feel your breasts have become.

We encourage you to view SurgiSculpt Mommy Makeover before and after results so you can appreciate your potential transformation.

High-Definition Liposuction Contouring of the Back, Flanks, Buttocks, and Thighs

What is a Mommy Makeover with regards to the back, flanks, buttocks, and thighs? It involves Vaser liposuction of the back, flanks, lateral and medial thighs with fat transfer BBL to the buttocks.

We encourage you to review Mommy Makeover before and after results to appreciate why SurgiSculpt is well regarded internationally for his high definition liposuction contouring results. The addition of liposculpture of the back, flanks, and thighs provides for the spectacular transformations observed in SurgiSculpt mommy makeover before and after results.

SurgiSculpt has been serving as an official trainer for Vaser liposuction and to date trained dozens of surgeons from across the world.

When your Mommy Makeover surgical design takes into all three above regions, magical transformations are demonstrated. SurgiSculpt appreciates your breast, abdomen, back, and buttocks all as a single art piece, like a statue. When he strategizes his Mommy Makeover surgery plan, it is intended to create a masterpiece that is contoured circumferentially, like a sculpture.

Note that SurgiSculpt Mommy Makeover before and after results are always presented in multiple views to demonstrate improvements that are achievable in a three-dimensional view. SurgiSculpt believes in completing your mommy makeover circumferentially for multiple reasons.

First, he wants to ensure that you will be feeling secure about your body both in and out of clothes. When you are out of your clothes, your entire body is visible and under possible scrutiny. When you complete your circumferential mommy makeover, you will look amazing from every angle so you can be reassured that you will always look your best no matter who is looking.

Second and most important, SurgiSculpt has observed another advantage aesthetically when circumferential contouring is performed. He has noticed that when circumferential contouring is performed the skin and soft tissues of the body undergo a retraction up and back into muscles causing lifting of ALL tissues that do not occur when only a single region is surgically altered. This circumferential skin retraction results in an upward redraping of the skin and soft tissues that further improves the overall rejuvenation of the body.

SurgiSculpt encourages all of his Mommy Makeover patients to consider having their abdomen, as well as back and buttocks, be contoured simultaneously; for patients needing breast contouring, this should also be added to the surgical plan to complete the overall transformation.

Mommy Makeover patients are urged to review our before and after outcomes to appreciate the transformations that are possible. If you are considering a mommy makeover, we urge you to consider a complimentary consultation at one of our Southern California offices.

SurgiSculpt, MD, FACS is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who has dedicated his practice to providing prospective mommy makeover patients the results they desire yet avoid the operated look.

Mommy Makeover surgery is dedicated to restoring abdominal, breast, back, flanks, buttocks, and thigh contour changes following pregnancy in a single operation and in a natural yet transformative manner.

Frequently Asked Questions about Newport Beach mommy makeovers

A Mommy Makeover is a procedure for women who have completed their childbearing and breast feeding years.  The goal of the procedure is to return the breast and tummy to their pre-pregnancy appearance. The breasts may become deflated and saggy after enlargement of breasts during third term of pregnancy and subsequent deflation following breast feeding. These changes can be erased following a breast lift and/or breast augmentation procedure. The tummy may be returned to your youthful shape using either a full or mini tummy tuck.

The best candidates for Mommy Makeover procedures are women who have completed bearing their kids.  Following the birth of the last child, moms may elect to undergo a combination of breast and tummy rejuvenating procedures. This is because it is the goal of Mommy Makeover is to erase all of the undesirable changes that occur during the last trimester of pregnancy and following breast feeding.  These changes include stretching of the tummy to accommodate a growing fetus as well as deflation and sagging of the breasts following breast feeding.

At your initial consultation, you and SurgiScuplt will discuss your concerns and goals regarding reversing undesirable pregnancy changes.  He will describe what the Mommy Makeover procedures entail.  SurgiScuplt will then perform a physical examination, after which you will decide together which specific procedures are best suited for your situation. You will have the opportunity to review before and after photographs of SurgiScuplt patients.  Once this is completed, a complimentary quote will be given and explained in detail.

As with all surgical procedures, there are risks of complications and adverse events.  The Mommy Makeover procedure is an combination breast and tummy  procedure that can take from four to eight hours to complete.  In order to determine if you are a suitable candidate for these combined procedures, SurgiScuplt and our Board Certified Anesthesiologist conduct a detailed review of your medical history, lab values, and if indicated, EKG results.  If you are found to have any risk factors, SurgiScuplt may split the procedures and stage them appropriately.  Both SurgiScuplt and the Anesthesiologist participate in this process to determine if you are physically stable to proceed with Mommy Makeover procedures. Common risks include infection, bleeding, incision scarring, and contour abnormalities.  Breast surgery involving implant augmentation are at a risk for capsular contracture and deflation of implants. For comprehensive list of risks, please refer to tummy tuck and breast lift/augmentation/breast lift with implant sections.

The Mommy Makeover procedure involves a combination of tummy and breast surgery. When breast implants are to be used, the breast surgery is performed first.  The breast surgery may include one of the following: breast lift, breast augmentation, or a combination of both – breast lift with implant augmentation. After completion of the breast surgery, SurgiScuplt will perform tummy tuck surgery and liposuction of the flanks/abdomen/legs as necessary. SurgiSculpt specializes in performing full as well as mini tummy tuck procedures based on the degree of abdominal wall laxity and skin redundancy present. Liposuction is used to achieve a smooth  contour of the waist, thighs, and hips.

Full recover from a Mommy Makeover procedure requires four to six weeks.  Expect to be up and walking the day after surgery, though not at your usual pace and with a semi-flexed posture.  By the end of the first week, you will be walking upright and taking care of daily chores except for driving.  It will take approximately two weeks before you are off of your pain medications and feel comfortable enough to drive a car.  You may return to work after two to three weeks depending on the physical demands of your work. You should expect to resume your usual exercise routine at about four weeks.

Depending on the amount of sagging of the breast, one of the following types of breast lifts is performed: vertical or anchor-shaped.  The vertical breast lift is suitable for patients with minimal sagging of the breasts and those who require synchronous implant augmentation and involves an incision around the areola and down the breast. The anchor-shaped method is similar to the vertical technique, but it also includes a longer incision along the inframammary fold, or the natural crease under the breast. The anchor shaped incision is recommended for patients presenting with moderate to severe sagging and dropping of the breasts.

The abdominal incision is made along the lower aspect of your abdomen called the infra-abdominal crease and placed to fall below your undergarment wear. The length of this incision is determined by the amount of redundant skin present over your lower abdomen. Just think of it like hemming a skirt, etc, the more you need to have trimmed, the longer the incision. In addition, to this incision, you may have an incision around your belly button if you are determined to need a full tummy tuck. Fortunately, SurgiScuplt specializes in making “innie” belly button incision lines which will allow you to wear a two piece bathing suit without being embarrassed by an operated looking belly button.

Although surgical incisions do look reddish and are evident at first, they progressively fade to pink and then blend to your natural color.  Dependent on the natural pigmentation of your skin, they may fade to be nearly invisible.  Generally, surgical scars should heal as fine lines.  SurgiScuplt and his staff go to great lengths to ensure well healed incision lines utilizing an anti-scar topical silicone gell used for one month following surgery. In addition, SurgiScuplt may advocate several sessions of Intense Pulse Light therapy if he feels that your incisions demonstrate prolonged redness.

Mommy Makeover is an “Out Patient” surgery.  You will be released to go home or to a facility of your choice after your surgery.  We do offer “Recovery Retreat” options, for the patients who feel more comfortable having 24 hour post-operative care by a registered nurse.

Patient-Specific Questions mommy makeover questions

Moms who are breast feeding are encouraged to wait three months after breast feeding to allow for all of the milk glands and ducts to return to their pre-pregnancy size and state. This will allow SurgiScuplt to better assess not only your breast size, but also the degree of deflation and breast sagging that you will experience. Following you initial consultation, you and SurgiScuplt will determine which breast procedure is appropriate for you.

The determination of which breast procedure is most suited for you is based on extent of redundant skin, degree of nipple areola droop, and amount of upper pole deflation. If you have minimal skin redundancy and nipple areola droop, then you will be recommended to undergo a breast augmentation only. Placement of implants will take up some of the slack in the breast skin as well as correct at most 1.0cm of nipple areola droop, as well as provide upper pole fullness and accentuate medial pole cleavage. If you have moderate skin redundancy and nipple areola droop, then you will be recommended to undergo a breast lift procedure. If you have the above changes as well as moderate to severe deflation of your breast mounds, then you may be recommended to undergo synchronous breast lift and augmentation procedure.  Rarely, for patients with severe breast and nipple areola droop and moderate degree of loss in upper pole fullness, a staged breast lift followed by breast augmentation three months following the breast lift is recommended.

The best candidates for Mommy Makeover procedures are women who have completed having kids.  Infrequently, I will see a mom who underwent a mommy makeover and then several years later decided to have more children. Patients who have had tummy tucks may in fact bear children; however, they will likely stretch out their abdominal muscles and require a revision procedure. Patients who undergo a breast lift procedure are informed that they may not be able to breast feed again.

You should plan on having your consultation regarding a Mommy Makeover procedure at least six weeks in advance. This will allow us to find a desirable surgical date for you as SurgiScuplt is booked out over one month. Additionally, you will have ample time to coordinate taking time off of work for your two to four week recovery period. As well, this will give you ample time to complete a preoperatively cleareance by your primary care physician prior to your surgery.

Moms who have undergone a tummy tuck procedure by SurgiScuplt can expect to wear a two piece bathing suits. This is because SurgiScuplt has developed a novel technique for recreating the belly button which results in an “innie” and non-operated appearance. Additionally, SurgiScuplt utilizes a low infra-abdomimal incision line that falls within your bikini buttom.  SurgiScuplt will have you wear your favorite undergarment while he makes his preoperative planning and markings in order to ensure a well hidden incision line.Moms who have undergone a tummy tuck procedure by SurgiScuplt can expect to wear a two piece bathing suits. This is because SurgiScuplt has developed a novel technique for recreating the belly button which results in an “innie” and non-operated appearance. Additionally, SurgiScuplt utilizes a low infra-abdomimal incision line that falls within your bikini buttom.  SurgiScuplt will have you wear your favorite undergarment while he makes his preoperative planning and markings in order to ensure a well hidden incision line.

A Mommy Makeover combination surgery involving a breast augmentation and/or breast lift combined with a tummy tuck and flank/thigh liposuction will take approximately 3 to 6 hours. The variability in surgical time is dependent on whether you will need a full versus mini tummy tuck and whether you will need a breast augmentation versus breast lift procedure. The mini tummy tuck and breast augmentation combination surgical patients can expect a 3 hour surgery. The full tummy tuck and breast lift combination surgical patients can expect a 6 hour surgery.

Patients undergoing the Mommy Makeover surgery have to allocate for adequate time for recovery. For patients requiring a breast implant, it is prudent to avoid using your pectoralis muscles for the first four weeks. This means no heavy lifting of small children for one month. For patients undergoing a Mini Tuck it is prudent to get help around the house for one week and for those undergoing the full tummy tuck two weeks. Once you are off of your pain pills, you can return to your routine daily activity as above. All exercise and physically strenuous activities should be avoided for one month for any makeover surgery.

The abdominal incision is made along the lower aspect of your abdomen called the infra-abdominal crease and placed to fall below your undergarment wear. The length of this incision is determined by the amount of redundant skin present over your lower abdomen. On the day of surgery, SurgiScuplt will ask you to wear one of your favorite bikini buttoms or undergarment wear, so that we can ensure that your incision will be hidden and to your liking.

Topical silicone has been the most effective postoperative therapy against developing scars following creation of surgical incision lines. For decades, we have advocated use of silicone sheets which can be purchased from your local drug store and are literally taped over the incision lines daily. Unfortunately, these sheets are expensive and tend to lose their adhesiveness after several days and so need to be replaced. Recently, topical silicone ointments have been developed that are applied to the incision lines daily much like a topical cream. This product is superior to the sheeting since you don’t have to worry about it falling off and in theory it provides better penetration of the incision line.


My Personal Journey with SurgiSculpt

My doctor and his entire staff are the best. My reconstruction surgery was a year long journey and I Could not be happier with the results. I had the most compassionate and caring surgeon. He and his staff have become like an extension of our family. I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction in a single surgery. SurgiSculpt answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable from the very beginning.

Excellent doctor and amazing staff

From the initial consultation, the information I was given by my surgeon helped me understand what I was getting myself into. A mommy makeover is not a simple surgery. Post-operative care was incredible including Camila's Cottage. The after care with their massage therapists (Polly) really impressed me. I felt like I was in very good hands the entire time!

Incredible experience!

My doctor has been incredible. I had the works! After having my children, my body did not look anything like it did before. I had high def liposuction, BBL, Breast Lift and augmentation and an extended tummy tuck! I am so glad I was able to do all the procedures at the same time so I can heal and get back to my life! I LOVE my results. The staff and office are also the best!

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