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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery, CPSI.
Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon, CPSI.

Please appreciate this 26-year-old female status post bilateral breast augmentation with 397cc on the right and 421cc on the left high profile silicone implants.

Breast augmentation surgery allows for correction of breast mound size deflation following pregnancy and breastfeeding or to increase overall breast size to improve breast size harmony with the body.

The female silhouette is best characterized by a generous breast mound contour interposed on a narrower waistline. Breast mound prominence has been the most important component of the feminine curvature allure until recently. Interestingly, over the last decade, the prominence of the buttocks has overshadowed the importance of generous breasts. Undeniably, the breast and buttock curves should ideally balance each other; i.e., the more generous the buttocks, the more generous the breasts can be. Today optimal body contouring requires a surgical procedure that combines breast implant augmentation as well as a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Breast augmentation surgery intends to increase overall breast size so that it is in harmony with your buttocks size. Balancing the size of the breasts and buttocks ensures the aesthetic beauty of the female body and the functional establishment of your center of gravity positioned in the central core of your body.

Considerations After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery must consider not only personal aesthetic preferences but also functional considerations. You will have to decide whether you wish to have saline implants or, rather, silicone gel-filled implants. Choosing the type of implant is guided by the quality of your chest muscle and the thickness of your breast tissue.

When enlarging your breasts, it is important to consider the long-term repercussions of having larger breasts. To begin with, you should recognize that larger breasts tend to sag quicker than smaller breasts. Patients must commit to providing their breasts more support, such as wearing a supportive bra as often as possible. When supportive bras are not worn during sleep, while awake, and during physical activity, breast ptosis may ensue, requiring a breast lift procedure. Heavy lifting must be avoided in the early postoperative period, or you risk implant malposition. Silicone breast implants, in particular, require continuous messaging to avoid the formation of a thickened scar.

Wearing supportive a supportive bra is not only important during exercise but also during routine daily activities and even during sleep. This is because heavier breast mounds will be pulled down more aggressively by gravity. Over several years to decades, this pull on the breasts will harm your breast mound shape and position.

Additionally, SurgiSculpt surgeons encourage breast surgery patients to wear supportive bras during sleep to avoid the side effect of breast lateralization following breast augmentation surgery. Breast lateralization occurs during sleep, whether you sleep on your back or your tummy.

When you are on your back, your breasts will fall beyond your lateral chest due to the effects of gravity. Similarly, when you are on your tummy, your chest will press your breasts against the bed and, as a result, push them out laterally. The bra will support your breast mounds and counter-lateralization whether you sleep on your back or abdomen.

Breast augmentation surgery will create definite improvements in your breast size and shape. However, breast surgery does have some side effects that should be noted. The first side effect is the development of a scar that surrounds the implant. This scar tissue is called a capsule when it is of normal thickness. If it thickens, the scar can result in capsular contracture associated with breast pain, as it can pull your sensory nerves. Breast implant procedures may also increase the weight on your breasts, which promotes drooping breasts, especially if bras are now worn routinely.

Another side effect is a dynamic alteration of your pectoralis muscle anatomy since this muscle must be released medially to allow for placement of the implant under the muscle. Finally, the recent concern about an autoimmune condition called breast implant illness has become popularized by social media. Yet, in general, women with breast implants tend to be extremely satisfied.

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