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Mommy Makeover Recovery Time

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Please see this 35-year-old female following a mommy makeover, which included bilateral breast augmentation, mini tummy tuck, and abdominal liposuction.

Mommy makeover recovery times are dictated by how many and by which mommy makeover procedures are planned for the patient’s surgical plan. The spectrum of mommy makeover surgeries may include breast surgery, tummy tuck surgery, lower body lift, upper body lift, Brachioplasty, medial thigh tuck, as well as liposuction of the upper back, middle back, lower back, flanks, inner thighs, outer thighs, and even a Brazilian Butt Lift.

The above mommy makeover surgeries are chosen strategically to:

  • Eliminate excess fat and redundant skin
  • Improving breast and buttock shape and size
  • Lift sagging breasts, lateral thighs, and buttock
  • Tighten the loose abdominal muscles

Of the above surgical lists, the tummy tuck is the most difficult to recover from due to the tightening of the muscles, which possess the highest density of nerve fibers. The next most difficult recovery involves more complicated breast surgeries that may include the removal of capsular contracture that results from a thickened scar, altered breast pocket position, or a breast lift.

Duration of Mommy Makeover Recovery Time

Of all soft tissue layers in the body, the muscle layer is the most sensory innervated layer and thus is the cause of the most discomfort and, subsequently, the most prolonged recovery time. In addition, muscle repair performed during a tummy tuck requires four weeks to fuse, during which physical activity is prohibited.

Since breast surgery involves the partial release of the pectoralis muscle, it is surgery’s second most uncomfortable component. Breast surgery patients, however, will typically be pain-free after one week and be allowed to return to physical activities involving their lower body at that time. If patients have already undergone a breast augmentation previously and need alteration of their breast pocket, this can cause additional discomfort. This rule follows because the capsule or scar formed around the implant can be increasingly tender due to nerves that inevitably get tangled in the scar tissues. Finally, breast lift surgery will extend recovery times if breast sagging and excess skin have been observed.

Following more extensive breast surgery, normal activities involving the use of the upper body should be avoided for one month following surgery. The body contouring portion of the mommy makeover recovery time is typically the quickest since it avoids lengthy scars and requires the least recovery period. As early as days after surgery, cosmetic surgeries involving liposuction alone may return to graduated physical activity. Most liposuction clients are allowed full physical activity with no limitations as early as a few weeks after surgery.

Mommy Makeover Recovery Time Summary

Patients undergoing isolated body contouring without requiring extensive surgical incision lines may be encouraged to return to full physical activity as early as ten days following surgery. Early ambulation is encouraged for all patients to avoid the development of blood clots. Weight loss in the early postoperative period is discouraged to avoid becoming malnourished, which will compromise your healing potential. Additionally, driving a car is prohibited while you are consuming pain pills. Strenuous activities, however, should be avoided until your SurgiSculpt surgeon permits you.

Specific post-surgery instructions and mommy makeover recovery time commitments are discussed during your initial consultation once your surgical plan has been finalized. The perfect change program prepares you for your recovery and is customized to your surgical needs.

All surgical patients are enrolled in the Perfect Change Program, which entails comprehensive preoperative and postoperative planning to minimize your mommy makeover recovery time.

If you desire a mommy makeover and are curious about your mommy makeover recovery time, a consultation with SurgiSculpt is recommended.

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