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Mommy Makeover results

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Today, mommy makeover results need to demonstrate a level of contour change that is transformative and “jaw-dropping.” The traditional days of achieving only modest improvements in abdominal contour and not addressing prominences in the flanks and lower back are no longer acceptable. With the advent of high-definition liposuction body contouring over the last decade, mediocre cosmetic procedure outcomes are a thing of the past.

Current standards for mommy makeover results dictate the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the abdomen, breasts, back, buttocks, and thighs to achieve aesthetic beauty and harmony over the entire body. Mommy makeover results today must demonstrate aesthetic contour improvements when wearing clothes and when you are in your undergarments or a two-piece bikini. Mommy makeover results should demonstrate an aesthetic ideal when naked.

Mommy makeover surgery requires meticulous attention to detail when contouring your body. SurgiSculpt surgeons treat mommy makeover patients much like a sculptor. When a sculptor is sculpting a statue, every part of the statue must be contoured so that your new masterpiece body can be viewed from all angles.

Effective Mommy Makeover Results

During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to complete a circumferential evaluation of your body so that you can be assured that every concern area will be corrected. For example, breast lift surgery is recommended if your breasts have sagged following breastfeeding. If your breasts have deflated, then breast augmentation may be advocated. If both breast sagging and deflation are observed, simultaneous breast augmentation and lift will be recommended. A tummy tuck will advocate if your abdomen demonstrates excess skin or loosened abdominal muscles.

Mommy makeover procedures should result in the harmony of beautiful breasts, narrowed waistlines, and improved contour of the back and thighs interposed on generous and shapely buttocks. Artistry in the combination of procedures is of the utmost relevance, especially due to recent advances in body contouring protocols.

High-definition liposuction body contouring using VASER liposuction has been one of the most important advances in body contouring as it allows for creating natural shadows and muscle highlights. High-definition cosmetic surgery can eliminate any extra fat accumulated from weight gain. When loose skin is observed preoperatively or following liposuction, this skin can be accommodated using a unique skin tightening tool called Renuvion J plasma. The Renuvion J plasma will accommodate minimal to moderate skin looseness. However, a tummy tuck surgery may be advocated if the skin excess is more extensive or stretch marks present.

The final component of mommy makeover surgery involves the buttock region, which may have demonstrated deflation and sagging. When the buttock demonstrates deflation, it can be augmented with fat transfer, commonly called a Brazilian Buttock Lift. A lateral thigh and buttock tuck may be added to your treatment plan when the buttock skin demonstrates redundancy or sagging and drooping.

If you are interested in a mommy makeover, we encourage you to view SurgiSculpt’s makeover results to appreciate possible changes. SurgiSculpt surgeons are nationally regarded for their body contouring outcomes.

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