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High-Definition Mommy Makeover

High Definition Mommy Makeover
High Definition Mommy Makeover
High-Definition Mommy Makeover

70-year-old female patient following her high-definition mommy makeover, which included a breast lift and full abdominoplasty with muscle plication

What is a High Definition of Mommy Makeover?

Before discussing High Definition of Mommy Makeover, let’s look at which procedures comprise the traditional mommy makeover. A mommy makeover may combine several cosmetic surgery procedures. Your plastic surgeon will combine these procedures to address the body changes following pregnancy and nursing. During pregnancy, your belly will stretch out as the baby grows. This will result in stretching out of your stomach muscles and an increase in the fat around your belly that nurtures your growing baby. As a result, these changes cause an increase in growth and stretching out of your skin. The effect of these changes on the skin includes the deformation of your belly button and the creation of stretch marks. If the stretching is severe enough, you can even get a rip in your abdominal muscles resulting in a hernia.

Furthermore, both pregnancy and nursing affect your breasts. During pregnancy, your breasts will engorge with milk making them larger. Deflation of your breasts results from nursing follows. These changes inevitably will result in the sagging of your breasts. In addition, enlarging of your hips, thighs, and back may also be observed depending on how much weight you gain during your pregnancy.

The term “mommy makeover” refers to a customized set of body contouring operations performed simultaneously to correct any or all of the physical changes that occurred, as above. As such, each surgery is custom-tailored to fit your specific changes and desires that may include the strategic elimination of excess fat and skin. Abdominal and breast procedures are meant to improve the abdominal and breast shapes, respectively. As such, the mommy makeovers typically include a surgical plan that begins with breast and abdominal area reshaping. These two areas can be supplemented with surgical procedures that include sculpting of your back and thighs and transfer to the buttock region, called a Brazilian Butt Lift. You and your surgeon must discuss all of your areas of concern and develop a customized surgical plan to deliver a successful cosmetic procedure.

Areas in a Mommy Makeover Surgical Plan:

  • Primary body contouring areas
    • Abdomen liposuction
    • Full or mini tummy tuck
    • Breast lift
    • Breast implants or natural breast augmentation with fat transfer
  • Secondary body contouring areas
    • Upper back, middle back, and lower back
    • Flanks and love handles
    • Lateral and medial thighs
    • Buttocks

What Makes Your Mommy Makeover High Definition?

A high-definition mommy makeover is one of the revolutionary advances in plastic surgery that has led to superior cosmetic surgery outcomes. A high-definition mommy makeover must achieve three criteria that include:

  1. Adherence to female contour aesthetics.
  2. Transformation of the body that is aesthetically pleasing from all viewed angles.
  3. Unveiling of muscle highlights when appropriate.

As cosmetic surgeries get more costly, patients naturally demand to get maximum value for their cosmetic surgery investment. This demand has led to the development of high-definition results that include the entire gamut of cosmetic surgeries, including mommy makeovers.

High-Definition Mommy Makeover Requires Adherence to Female Contour Line Aesthetics

High-definition mommy makeovers strive to create contour lines that align with female aesthetic guidelines. This means the creation of exaggerated curves throughout the body, which are interposed by smooth transitions, such as the creation of an hourglass hip region. Waistline snatching provides a narrowed waistline best described by the Tilde curve.

High-Definition Mommy Makeover Transformation of the Body

High-definition mommy makeover makes your surgeon transform your body as if it is a glorified statue. This means your plastic surgeon will circumferentially sculpt you, termed 360-degree body contouring.

High-Definition Mommy Makeover Unveils Muscle Highlights

High-definition liposuction provides us with a higher bar for high-definition mommy makeover outcomes. This is because your plastic surgeon can use ultrasound liposuction to complement excision skin procedures coined as tucking surgeries by removing fat comprehensively to unveil underlying muscle highlights. All other methods of liposuction address only one layer of fat, the deepest layer. High-definition liposuction addresses both layers of fat, the deep and superficial layers, so your surgery can expose the underlying muscles. With skillful suctioning using VASER ultra-sound assisted liposuction, a surgeon with an artistic eye can remove fat like a sculptor to reveal true muscle definition. This etching technique is called liposculpture.

What’s Next?

A High Definition of Mommy Makeover starts with a customized surgical plan. That starts with a consultation with a SurgiSculpt surgeon who can help you achieve the body of your dreams. The goal of high-definition mommy makeover surgery is to rewind the clock to your pre-pregnancy body. Please fill out our contact form here to take your next step or call today! 1 (949) 867-3811.

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