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Mommy Makeover Near Me

Mommy Makeover Near Me
Mommy Makeover Newport Beach, Tummy Tuck

Please enjoy the results of this 49-year-old female two months following her surgery with a bilateral breast lift and full abdominoplasty.

“I want to have my mommy makeover near me” is frequently commented on by clients during consultations. Understandably, many of our patients are from Orange County and Los Angeles since they want the convenience of traveling short distances between the office and surgical center and their homes.

In addition, patients searching for mommy makeovers near me want the assurance of having their surgeon near them in case of an emergency.

The Convenience of Mommy Makeover Near Me Location

Searching for a mommy makeover near me online is a popular request nationwide. Patients who were asking for mommy makeovers near me desired to complete their mommy makeovers in the convenience of their homes. In addition, they want to save money on their transportation, food, and housing costs, which would be inevitable if they completed their surgery away from home.

In addition, postoperative recovery following a mommy makeover procedure can be regimented about the number and extent of postoperative visits. A client undergoing a mommy makeover near me can take advantage of living near to alleviate the difficulty with making it to postoperative visits. First, all patients undergoing cosmetic procedures are seen the day following surgery to ensure that their skin has not experienced any vascular compromise.

Surgeries considered for a mommy makeover

Surgeries that you may be considering will include a which will eliminate any excess skin and tighten abdominal muscles when they have loosened. You may wish to reverse any undesirable changes that may have occurred to your breasts. This may include breast deflation that can be corrected with a breast augmentation using breast implants or breast sagging that may be corrected with a breast lift. Another consideration of a mommy makeover may include body contouring of your back, buttocks, and thighs with ultrasound-assisted and fat transfers.

Body contouring patients involving liposuction are expected to complete a 7 to 10-day course of lymphatic messages performed by our highly experienced massage specialists. Ideal candidates for liposuction will demonstrate deposits that may or may not be associated with . Liposuction surgical procedures will include using the ultrasonic liposuction modality that provides a more comprehensive and gentler removal of fat deposits than traditional techniques. Less trauma to your soft tissues results in quicker recovery times and, thus, a more tolerable treatment plan.

If patients demonstrate skin redundancy, excess skin must be accommodated with either Renuvion J plasma or surgical . Your body contouring procedure will be customized to your mommy makeover surgery needs. Your cosmetic surgery will be detailed to meet your aesthetic goals and ensure your satisfaction. If you want to learn more about mommy makeover recovery times, please get in touch with our office for a complimentary consultation.

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