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Mini Tummy Tuck Recovery

Mini Tummy Tuck Recovery
Mini Tummy Tuck Recovery

This 34-year-old female 2 months following mini .

Mini surgery involves the removal of excess skin that is located below the belly button and down to the pubic region. The biggest advantage of mini tummy tuck recovery is that SurgiSculpt surgeons may also simultaneously perform VASER high-definition .

Mini tummy tuck allows for a single recovery period for both procedures. In contrast, when a full tuck is performed, patients are asked to wait until their results are fully healed before undergoing VASER liposuction. This is because a procedure requires exposure of the abdominal wall to tighten the abdominal muscles, which forbids simultaneous liposuction.

Another advantage of the mini tummy tuck is that it does not involve redoing your belly button, which can prolong your recovery. Instead, your belly button is preserved, allowing you to return to strenuous exercise earlier than a full tummy tuck. The disadvantage of a mini tummy tuck is that only along the lower abdomen will be corrected since this cosmetic procedure does not involve repositioning the belly button.

Period of Mini Tummy Tuck Recovery

Traditional mini tummy tuck recovery includes the following:

  • Expedited mini abdominoplasty procedure recovery due to shorter incisions.
  • For the patients that also had a VASER liposuction, five lymphatic massage sessions are scheduled for the week following their surgery to aid in recovery and swelling.
  • Mini tummy tucks forego wide-undermining since abdominal muscle tightening is not completed. As such, less discomfort and a quicker recovery time of around 10-14 days are appreciated.
  • Custom-made compression garments are worn for 2-3 weeks. This is used primarily to keep the area tight during the healing process. Also, it minimizes swelling and helps with circulation throughout the recovery period.
  • Patients typically return to work following tummy tuck recovery in 2 weeks.
  • Most SurgiSculpt patients are encouraged to return to the gym and begin daily exercise in 2 -3 weeks.
  • Patients may return to strenuous activities and heavy lifting within 3 to 4 weeks after surgery.

Mini tummy tuck recovery is a major topic for many individuals considering whether this abdominal surgery is correct for them.

Please admire the drastic changes in the mini tummy tuck patients below. A free consultation with SurgiSculpt surgeons is encouraged to provide all the necessary information!

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