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Complete Guide To The Skinny BBL

This blog was written to provide clients with a complete guide to skinny BBLs. If getting an athletic-appearing buttock interests you. We will provide all the information you need to complete a skinny BBL successfully.

To complete your skinny BBL, you will need to make sure that you communicate the buttock size and shape that you desire. Then, you will require a comprehensive evaluation of your fat depositions.

This ensures that your plastic surgeon can accomplish your procedure since you are likely athletic with a low body fat percentage.

Finally, your skinny BBL will be complete using our proprietary high-definition BBL protocol that utilizes VASER liposuction and a closed-loop fat harvest and delivery system.

Communicate Your Skinny BBL Buttock Size and Shape

Communicating your skinny BBL buttock size and shape is critical in obtaining your successful skinny BBL. This is because each patient’s desires concerning a BBL differ.

General guidelines relating to a skinny BBL include the creation of a buttock cheek that is minimal to moderately increased in size.

Skinny BBL shape specifications are more unique. They include a maximally projected upper central buttock contour, conservative mid-buttock filling, and lateral hip region.

We utilize a proprietary buttock size and shape aid called the Brazilian buttock lift Tool. This tool utilizes caricatures to help you delineate your favorite buttock and communicate that with your surgeon.

Comprehensive Skinny BBL Evaluation of All of Your Fat Depositions

You must have enough fat to complete your buttock transformation as part of your skinny BBL journey. First, we must estimate how much fat your plastic surgeon will transfer to your buttocks to get you to your dream skinny BBL.

Your plastic surgeon will calculate the fat you need based on your starting point and the buttock you have chosen on the Brazilian Buttock Assessment Tool. Then, a comprehensive evaluation of your body is performed.

What makes the skinny BBL challenging is that you are likely to have a very low body fat percentage since you have an athletic build. This means that you will likely need a 360-degree liposuction fat harvest.

A 360 fat harvest allows your plastic surgeon to scrape out the little fat that you have for your fat transfer. Fat removal from athletic patients requires high-definition protocols that have been advanced at our facility.

Completing Skinny BBL with High-Definition Liposuction Protocol

Completing your skinny BBL requires implementing high-definition liposuction to harvest the little amount of fat present from all of your concern areas.

If you are an elite athlete, you may have no concern areas at all! Taking advantage of high-definition liposuction protocols is even more important in this scenario.

Athletic bodies typically have very thin layers of fat, which will require careful removal of fat from the entire body in a circumferential manner. Removal of fat from patients with low body fat requires VASER liposuction, which can remove fat from areas of low density. 

The Complete Guide to the Skinny BBL Conclusion

The complete guide to the skinny BBL requires consideration of choosing the correct buttock you desire, comprehensive evaluation of your fatty deposits, and completing the task of removing fat for your skinny BBL transfer.

If you are interested in a skinny BBL, we encourage you to complete a consultation with one of your skinny BBL specialists.

Come to our Orange County or Los Angeles location for a no-obligation, personalized consultation today! Please fill out our contact form or call. Our appointment coordinators are there from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. PST.

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