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GMommy Facelift and GMommy Neck lift

GMommy Facelift
A 61 year old female who had a facelift and neck lift – front view
GMommy Facelift

A 61 year old female who had a facelift and neck lift – front right view

GMommy Facelift

A 61 year old female who had a facelift and neck lift – front left view

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Grandma Facelift and Grandma Neck Lift

The GMommy facelift and GMommy neck lift reflects the surgery required to reverse the signs of facial aging observed in grandmas. Grandmas typically live a fulfilling and long life. As a result, they show the signs of aging. Development of moderate to severe skin redundancy of the neck and the cheeks, as well as development of facial wrinkles and crepe neck skin are examples of this aging. These changes are directly related to prolonged exposure to the effects of gravity and ultraviolet radiation.

To definitively rewind the changes of aging, it is important to address both texture changes as well as skin redundancy. First, your plastic surgeon must excise the patient’s skin to eliminate redundancy. Second, the surgeon must ablate the skin to reduce undesirable texture changes. The GMommy facelift and GMommy neck lift advocates a combination of of an extended SMAS dual plane face and neck lift, as well as ablative resurfacing with a CO2 or Erbium laser, Renuvion technology, or chemical peel.

The Extended SMAS Dual Plane Facelift

The extended SMAS dual plane facelift describes the definitive procedure to help GMommies maximally eliminate any redundancy in skin of the face and neck. The primary advantage of the extended SMAS facelift is its capacity to maximally yet naturally eliminate the redundancy. This gold standard facelift procedure allows you to leverage removal of skin in two separate layers. This includes not only the skin, but also a second layer beneath the skin which is an outer muscle lining layer called the SMAS. Your plastic surgeon leverages 60 to 70% of the weight of the skin on the SMAS. As a result, it is possible to avoid undue tension on the skin layer while eliminating the slack in the skin optimally.

We can achieve this by pulling up the SMAS first which literally lifts up a majority of the skin with it. Then your surgeon lightly redrapes, trims, and repairs the skin resulting in several advantages. First, the incision lines heal beautifully since there is minimal tension on the skin closure. Second, the skin does not look tight and operated looking; instead it looks natural and presentable as early as one week following surgery. The biggest advantage is the skin does not get a trigger to grow. Our technique avoids unnecessary tightness, which is a trigger for skin growth. The results are permanent since you will not observe any skin recoil!

Facial Skin Resurfacing

The final component of the GMommy facelift and GMommy neck lift is to resurface the undesirable texture changes. These changes include the development of fine wrinkles and crepe changes. Resurfacing can be achieved using various procedures. Erbium laser resurfacing, CO2 laser resurfacing, Renuvion J plasma resurfacing, and/or a chemical peel are some examples. These procedures result in the literal removal of the outer most layer of the skin, called the epidermis. This promotes regrowth of new skin that looks and feels younger. The most appreciable improvement that GMommies describe is the fact that their face and neck has a youthful sheen to it. These ablative ancillary services can be combined to optimize undesirable GMommy face and neck aging changes.

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