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GMommy Arm Lift

The GMommy arm lift was designed to maximize elimination of upper arm skin redundancy. Grandmas will often complain that their upper arm skin is hanging like bat wings. They may say their grandkids love to pull on their upper arm extra! The grandma arm is unique in that the underarm skin redundancy is often moderate to severe in excess. Patients with minimal to moderate skin redundancy can take advantage of less invasive procedures such as and Renuvion J plasma skin tightening. These procedures use proprietary technology to shrinkwrap collagen molecules. This less invasive procedure results in elimination of both minimal to moderate skin redundancy. In addition, the procedure eliminates residual fat in the arm. In contrast, the GMommy arm lift requires direct excision of the redundant upper arm skin. Plastic surgeons call this procedure the brachioplasty.

The GMommy Extended Brachioplasty

The GMommy extended brachioplasty surgery requires extending the excision of skin redundancy beyond the upper arm proper and onto the chest. This is because moderate to severe skin redundancy often extends onto the upper lateral chest torso. Skin redundancy requires elimination to avoid preservation of extraneous lumps or fullness. Extending the brachioplasty from the arm onto the lateral upper chest requires additional modification using a Z plasty. The additional Z plasty in the GMommy arm lift avoids scar contracture in the transition from the arm to the chest that can occur at the arm and chest junction.

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