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GMommy Browlift

GMommy Browlift
A female patient who had a browlift because she was noticing drooping of her eyebrows – front view
GMommy Browlift
A female patient who had a browlift because she was noticing drooping of her eyebrows – left view
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Plastic surgeons designed GMommy browlifts to help grandmas who are noticing drooping of their eyebrows. GMommy browlifts are unique to the aging female eyebrows. This is because two confounding factors constrain the sagging of the eyebrows.

A High Forehead

As we age, we tend to lose the anterior forehead hair line. The hairs that are in the front of the hairline delineate the anterior forehead hairline. Health care professionals universally observe this pattern of hair loss. As the front row of hair follicles are lost, you can observe a receding hair line. As a result, the receding hairline elongates the forehead and moves the hairline higher on the forehead. In this scenario, plastic surgeons do not indicate utilizing the conventional endoscopic browlift. The endoscopic hairline lift will create a high forehead hairline that is no longer proportionate with the aesthetics of your face.

Continued Hair Loss of the Anterior Forehead Hairline

In the setting of a receding frontal forehead line, plastic surgeons typically advocate to undergo an anterior hairline browlift. The anterior hairline approach allows patients to take advantage of elevating the brows and simultaneously lowering a high positioned forehead line. Unfortunately, this conventional browlift is not favorable to our GMommies. They will continue to lose the hair along the anterior forehead hairline. Appreciation of the GMommy hairline results in the inability for using the anterior horsehead browlift. Time can expose this incision. In addition, your plastic surgeon can inappropriately position the incision as the anterior forehead continues to recede.

As a result, the GMommy browlift has been modified to involve a direct browlift incision that is positioned just above the brow hair follicles. This direct browlift incision provides maximum leverage for the elevation of the brows. Furthermore, a high forehead and receding of the hairline does not confine the incision. The incisions are made favorably to the eyebrow follicles so that they are well hidden.

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