GMommy Makeover Medial Thigh Tuck

GMommy Makeover Medial Thigh Tuck

59-year-old female who had a medial thigh tuck, as well as a bilateral breast lift with augmentation, full abdominoplasty, and high definition liposuction of pubic area, flanks, back, medial knees and thighs.

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GMommy medial thigh tuck utilizes a modification of the traditional groin based medial thigh tuck. The conventional medial thigh tuck places an excision line horizontally within the lower aspect of the groin to eliminate upper medial thigh fullness. However, the GMommy medial thigh tuck reorients the excision line. It changes the horizontal excision to a vertical excision to eliminate moderate to severe medial thigh skin redundancy. There are two factors to appreciate moderate to severe skin redundancy. First, by the degree of redundancy and fullness in your inner thigh. Second, by the extent of skin redundancy.

In fact, some GMommies may notice extension of their medial thigh skin fullness and redundancy well below the knee. This will translate to a GMommy medial thigh tuck that extends vertically from the groin all the way past the knee. Ultimately, plastic surgeons must evaluate each GMommy independently. Furthermore, surgeons should customize the GMommy medial thigh tuck to each clients’ specific needs.

Ideally, the procedure centers the incision in the inner thigh. It rests between to inner thigh muscles, the adductor longus and adductor magnus. We describe this region by a natural groove that is apparent on manikins seen in women’s clothing stores. This incision placement conceals it when viewing the legs from the front or back. You may be curious about the extent of excision lines that will be necessary to provide you the results you are desiring. A consultation with one of our providers would be necessary. Please contact our office so we can provide a clear idea of the excision limits to achieve your optimal GMommy medial thigh tuck.

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