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Limitations of Renuvion

A 24 year old female patient who was able to appreciate the benefits of Renuvion.

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How does Renuvion work and What are the Limitations of Renuvion?

What are the limitations of Renuvion? Renuvion j plasma technology involves controlled thermal heating of collagen molecules using helium activated radiofrequency energy. This thermal energy is able to shrink wrap collagen like an accordion thus shortening collagen containing molecules. We have previously described how skin excess may occur in two vectors. First, excess skin in the horizontal vector that is characterized as skin redundancy. Second, excess skin in the vertical vector that is characterized as skin laxity.

What is the main benefit of Renuvion?

The main benefit of Renuvion is to contract the skin excess in the vertical vector thus reducing skin laxity. This tightening effect on the skin occurs by tightening of support cables that span between the skin and muscle called cutaneous retinacular ligaments. The net effect of Reunvion skin tightening is that it will matt your skin down to the muscles. Skin from your belly will not pull away from your body when you lean over. For older women, it means that their underarm skin will not stretch down, termed bat wings. For clients with a full neck, it means no more turkey gobbles.

The limitations of Renuvion is that it does not eliminate horizontal skin excess, otherwise described as skin redundancy. If skin excess is one of your concerns, we recommend you consider an evaluation by one of our Surgicsculpt surgeons to determine whether you have horizontal or vertical skin excess and learn more about limitations of Renuvion. Your consultation will educate you on whether you will make a good candidate for Renuvion skin tightening.

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