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Total Body Lift

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Here is a 46-year-old female after a total body lift. She is finally finished with her body transformation and looks athletic and slim.

The total body lift is a specialized procedure for patients after major weight loss. People with weight loss surgery, such as a gastric sleeve, typically lose 50 to 100 pounds within the first few years. Regardless of your means of weight loss, losing that much weight will most likely result in a significant amount of loose skin. Therefore, your body transformation is only complete with a body lift from body contouring experts on the surgical staff at SurgiSculpt.

What is a Total Body Lift?

A total body lift is capable of removing all of your unwanted skin in a single operative session. At your complimentary consultation, SurgiSculpt surgeons will prioritize all our problem spots and create a customized surgical plan to ensure a complete body transformation. Total body transformations may address the following areas:

  • Stomach (full tummy tuck or pubic skin resection)
  • Arms (arm lift or VASER liposuction)
  • Breasts (breast lift with or without implants)
  • Flanks and Back (full tummy tuck, upper body lift)
  • Thighs (thigh tuck, VASER liposuction, or lower body lift)
  • Butt (butt lift, lower body lift, fat grafting with VASER liposuction or butt implant)
  • Face (facelift or RENUVION skin tightening)
  • Neck (neck lift or RENUVION skin tightening)

Advantages of a Total Body Lift

Having to perform additional or serial surgeries results in social and financial difficulties resulting from multiple recovery periods and loss of work time. There is only one recovery period, thanks to SurgiSculpt surgeons’ abilities to combine all of these procedures into one surgical session. A Total body lift ensures your safety, full body transformation, and a tolerable recovery.

Recovery from a Body Lift is made tolerable by using a specialized numbing medication placed into microspheres before injection. You get four days of pain relief as the medication is slowly released for several days. This has made recovery seamless and very tolerable. Lastly, by combining all of your surgeries into a single session, SurgiSculpt surgeons can save you nearly 50% of your total surgical fees.

If a total body lift is a right choice for you, contact our staff at SurgiSculpt for a complimentary in-person or virtual consultation with a SurgiSculpt surgeon today.

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