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Difference between a butt lift and a butt tuck

Introduction: Difference between a Butt Lift and a Butt Tuck

There is a clear difference between a butt lift and a butt tuck. The confusion of these two procedures involves the name “lift” which connotates a lifting procedure rather than the addition of volume.  However, these two surgeries are independent of each other such that most Butt Lifts (BBL) typically do not involve a butt tuck.

 Butt Lift (BBL)

A butt lift (BBL) involves the transfer of fat from the rest of the body to the buttocks region. This procedure is performed by first completing a to remove the fat from the body. This procedure alone will improve your body contour. After fat removal into a closed sterile container, the fat is processed with an antibiotic irrigation solution. Next, the tumescent solution is removed through a filter. Finally, the fat is injected back into the buttock region to augment the buttock contour. The figure below demonstrates the area of fat transfer below the line located along the upper buttock region.

Difference Between a Butt Lift and a Butt Tuck

What is a Butt Tuck?

The difference is that a Butt Tuck is a surgical procedure that excises redundant lower back and flank skin and thus lifts excess, sagging skin. A Butt Tuck involves removing skin to shorten the mid-line buttock or the bottom of the buttock skin so that the buttocks is above the thigh. This procedure corrects buttocks sagging that falls below the thigh and perineum. The sagging may be due to aging, genetics, excessive cellulite, or dramatic . Whatever the case, a Butt Tuck involves surgical incisions to remove excess or drooping skin, then lifting and tightening the area. The Butt tuck does not necessarily involve adding volume to the buttock cheek.

If patients also demonstrate buttock deflation, then they may consider supplementing their buttock tuck with a Butt Lift (BBL) to add fat to the buttock cheeks.

Difference Between a Butt Lift and a Butt Tuck

What is a Butt Lift or BBL?

A BBL (Brazilian butt lift) is a procedure to enlarge and reshape the buttock area by adding fat. A BBL involves liposuction , in which the surgeon removes fat from parts of the body where it is undesirable, processes it, and re-injects healthy fat into the buttocks and hips. Fat is used to fill in “hip dips” and create an hour-glass shape. Surgeons with an artist’s eye do “waistline snatching” to give the BBL the most shapely, feminine lines possible. However, the BBL is a misnomer and does not result in a significant lift of the buttock cheeks.

Before surgery, the surgeon considers and marks the contours to be created with the harvested fat and the areas where the fat will be removed. This surgical plan is customized to the patient’s goals. Most commonly, fat is removed from the belly, back for both sexes and additionally from the thighs in women.

Difference Between a Butt Lift and a Butt Tuck


is performed in the removal areas while the patient is positioned face up or down on the operating table under anesthesia. Healthy fat is harvested with VASER liposuction , using sophisticated equipment to differentiate between live fat cells and liposuction fluid. The surgeon then cleans and prepares fat for transplant. The liposuction harvesting procedure involves a few minor incisions that are sutured closed at the end. When these tiny incisions heal, they are all but invisible.

Goals of BBL

n Brazilian Butt lift surgery, your doctor creates enlarged and sculpted buttock cheeks tailored to your goals using fat from liposuction or implants. Prospective patients should expect smooth, contoured lines, especially where the upper buttocks, lower back, lower buttocks, and the back of the thighs meet. A common mistake committed by novice BBL surgeons is leaving too much upper buttock fullness, which results in a shelf deformity at the top of the hips.

Although differences in shape and size are subjective and determined by patients using the Brazilian Butt Lift Assessment tool, the general buttock contour should be rounded and free of cellulite-causing creases or cavitations.

A BBL can be much more than just a fat transfer. Done artistically, the procedure comprehensively shapes the curves of the hips, waist, and thighs. A superior surgical strategy must be utilized to achieve aesthetic results that are both proportionate and eye-catching.

Conclusion: Difference between a Butt Lift and a Butt Tuck

You want your cosmetic surgeon to be candid about whether your best results will be achieved with a Butt Lift (BBL) or if you should include a Butt Tuck. You can discuss your best options during a consultation that allows you and your surgeon to collaborate on your goals.

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