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Brazilian Butt Lift Revision Before And After

Brazilian Butt Lift Revision Before And After

Please see this 36-year-old female who underwent surgical procedures, including high-definition liposuction and revision Brazilian Buttock lift with fat transfer from her abdomen to her buttock and hips.

Brazilian butt lift revision before and after photographs are constructive when appreciating possible buttock shape and size improvements. Patients should evaluate these photos with a keen eye. The first thing to look at is the overall harmony of the buttocks. Is there a soft transition between the legs and the buttocks and, more importantly, between the upper buttocks and the narrowed waistline? The described and preferred smooth transition has been termed the “Tilde” curve.

Looking at Before and After Photos

What is the appearance of the skin quality? Does the butt look wrinkly, or is cellulite present on the legs? Does the buttock look droopy or too long in relation to the height of the back? These suboptimal results should not be present and indicate consideration of a lateral thigh and buttock tuck. BBL revision before and after photos should demonstrate smooth contour lines between the buttock and the lower back and upper leg skin.

Did the initial Brazilian buttock lift achieve significant difference between waist and buttock widths in before and after photos? Creation of this exaggerated curve requires generous emptying out of the waistline and adding fat injections into the lateral hips. Brazilian butt lift surgery requires realistic expectations and a detailed surgical plan for fat removal, accommodation of excess skin, and fat transfer. One of the common reasons why SurgiSculpt performs BBL revisions is that the initial volume of fat transfer to the butt disappears.

Losing Buttock Volume

Patients on the internet often claim only 60% retention of their butt volumes at six months after surgery. Although this disappointing observation of BBL results is common, it should not be so. The reason why nearly half of the initial transferred butt volume is gone at six months is multifactorial.

First, the plastic surgeon may not have used ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction best protects the fat cells from injury during the harvest process. Traditional liposuction techniques require more aggressive fat cell removal, resulting in nicks to the outer fat cell shell membrane. As a result, the fat cells may become injured and subsequently removed from your buttocks. in contrast, using ultrasound-assisted liposuction, 40% more fat can be harvested than traditional techniques. This makes it unnecessary for patients to worry about having enough fat to get the desired BBL results.

Another reason for fat loss follows technical errors that include exposure of fat cells to unnecessary higher negative pressures either during the sucking process or unnecessary positive pressures during the injection. Suppose the fat cells are not appropriately washed to remove pro-inflammatory products and cells. In that case, these entities can stimulate a hyperinflammatory reaction that results in the influx of immune cells into the grafted region resulting in loss of fat cell viability.

A final cause of fat cell injury involves the pretense that thinner patients must gain weight for their Brazilian buttock lift surgery. When we gain weight, the fat cells get larger, not more in number. Unfortunately, a larger fat cell is less likely to make it through the small holes in the tip of the cannula used to remove the fat without injury than smaller fat cells. As such, it is critical to avoid gaining weight for your BBL, no matter how thin you are. It is prudent to delay any weight gain only following the transfer process.

Schedule a Meeting for your BBL Revision

A consultation with our expert BBL surgery surgeon at SurgiSculpt will help you realize what Brazilian Butt Lift Revision before and after results you can achieve. Even if you feel too thin to get a great result, a consultation with SurgiSculpt will allow you to appreciate how much fat may be available for your BBL revision procedure.

First, do not gain weight; you don’t need to buy a buttock pillow. Following an initial consultation at SurgiSculpt, you will become highly encouraged by the revision of BBL outcomes possible.

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