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Best female abdominal contouring

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Appreciate this female who loves her best female abdominal contouring plan.

Best female abdominal contouring is achieved by utilizing high definition body contouring principles. High definition body contouring requires achieving stunning results that can only be attained by completing 360-degree contouring and high definition sculpting. 360 degree of contouring in the abdomen requires attention to not only the front surface but also to the sides.

On the front side, this means contouring the upper, middle, and lower abdomen as well as the pubic region. On the sides, this means contouring the axilla and lateral chest, the serratus region, the external oblique region, and the region below the pelvic bone. High definition sculpting means unveiling highlights of the abdominal muscles as well as attaining gender-specific lateral contour lines characterized by the Tilde Curve.

Best female abdominal contouring requires a customized surgical plan. This plan can only be devised following a thorough evaluation to determine the degree of excess fat, skin redundancy, and muscle looseness. These parameters will determine if your best female abdominal contouring plan will require liposuction, skin tightening with minimally invasive Renuvion J plasma, or a tummy tuck.

Tummy tucks can involve excision of skin only, called the modified abdominal skin resection, or involve muscle tightening as well for patients with loosened abdominal muscles. Often, there is a combination of the above procedures such as liposuction of the sides and flanks combined with Renuvion skin tightening and a formal tummy tuck with muscle plication on the front. A combination of tools and techniques are required to achieve the best female abdominal contouring. 

Best female abdominal contouring results are remarkable in appearance and often characterized as “jaw-dropping”. If you are interested in undergoing this procedure, you can start by making a complimentary consultation either in person or virtually. A virtual consultation does require you to be in a private setting so that you can show all of your areas of concern. Following your consultation, you will be provided a customized surgical plan that will delineate your best female abdominal contouring surgical plan.

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