What Is The Skinny Brazilian Buttock Lift

What Is The Skinny Brazilian Buttock Lift

What Is The Skinny Brazilian Buttock Lift
A 33 year old female patient who underwent high definition liposuction of the back. She also had a skinny Brazilian buttock lift and fat grafting to the lateral hips.
What Is The Skinny Brazilian Buttock Lift

What Is The Skinny Brazilian Buttock Lift

What Is The Skinny Brazilian Buttock Lift

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Introduction: What is the skinny Brazilian Buttock Lift

The skinny Brazilian buttock lift describes the unique buttock size and shape desired by clients who are committed to fitness. Athletic clients who desire a Brazilian buttock lift desire a change in their buttock size and shape. This is quite different than the traditional Brazilian buttock lift. The skinny BBL contrasts with the traditional Brazilian buttock lift in terms of size and shape.

The Skinny Brazilian Buttock Lift Size

A smaller to modest size in buttock size variance best describes the skinny Brazilian buttock lift. This is in contrast to the traditional Brazilian Buttock lift size described by the Bubble Butt which aims to be made as large as possible. Clients desiring traditional bubble butts ask for the maximum volume of fat transfer feasible. The volume of fat available or tightness of the buttock skin limits the maximum volume in conventional Brazilian Buttock Lifts. Bubble butt buttock augmentations require maximum fullness over the entire buttock.

Routine volumes of transfer are in the 1000 to 1500cc per cheek range. This can become a constraint only if volumes of fat harvest are less than 5,000 ccs. A final constraint of patients desiring a bubble buttock is the tightness of the buttock skin. This is because the accommodation of overlying skin can limit the maximum amount of fat that your plastic surgeon can transfer to the buttock. As your plastic surgeon grafts fat, the buttock skin becomes taut, indicating the limit of fat transfer.

In contrast, the skinny BBL is not limited by buttock skin tightness since lower volumes of fat transfer in the realm of 200 to 500 cc are typically desired. However, the amount of fat available may constrain the skinny BBL fat transfer volumes. If you are a super athlete with a body fat percentage of less than 5 %, you may need to undergo 360 lipo to remove adequate fat aspirate in order to get the fat volume transfers desired.

The Skinny Brazilian Buttock Lift Shape

The shape of a dancer’s butt best conveys the skinny Brazilian buttock lift shape. The dancer’s buttock shape describes one that is toned with minimal mid-buttock fullness and a strong upper buttock projection. This athletic buttock shape describes one that has a strong central buttock cheek muscle, the gluteus maximus. This muscle is the largest muscle of the body and is the main extensor muscle of the hip. When the muscle develops well, it creates a prominence over the upper central buttock cheek that is typically observed in dancers and elite athletes. While the upper central buttock cheek is prominent, the lateral mid buttock region is typically concave. As such, athletic clients do not desire lateral mid-buttock fullness which is contrary to most clients desiring the conventional bubble butt.

The Skinny Brazilian Buttock Lift Conclusion

In summary, if you are interested in a skinny Brazilian Buttock lift, you will need a consultation with a SurgiSculpt specialist surgeon. Your surgeon can evaluate your fat deposits to determine how much volume they can transfer. In addition, you will be able to convey the buttock size and shape you desire using the BBL assessment too

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