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Tummy Tuck Reviews

Tummy Tuck Reviews

36-year-old female patient following a bilateral breast lift and with muscle plication.

reviews are critical to assessing the results of cosmetic surgeons’ tummy tuck outcomes. When reading reviews, please take note of patients’ remarks regarding their actual results. As a popular center in Southern California for , SurgiSculpt consults numerous patients each week to appreciate patients’ desires and goals. Because of the number of tummy tuck clients treated, we understand that patients are picky with regards to the shape and position of their belly buttons while demanding the elimination of any excess skin, , the creation of an hourglass outline, optimally tightened muscle contours, and a low and symmetric incision line. Addressing these concerns appropriately will result in patients writing

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Today, patients are privileged to view hundreds of before and after photographs and tummy tuck reviews online before making a consultation with a surgeon. Reviews and tummy tucks before and after photographs should be evaluated and judged critically. Take notice of the reviews that focus on tummy tuck results.

Legitimate reviews should be considered for patients who have completed their surgery and commenting on their outcome and overall surgical journey. Patients reading the reviews should consider comments regarding the thoroughness of the preoperative planning, the seamless recovery period, and ultimately the quality of the outcomes. Honest reviews will typically parallel the doctors’ before and after outcomes.

Although SurgiSculpt surgeons sympathize with these patients’ desires to have surgery, they feel obligated to tell them their professional opinion. Our surgeons will evaluate every patient’s concerns and determine if their desired goals are realistic. When expectations are beyond what is feasible, then tummy tuck patients may be explained that a is not in their best interest. For example, if stretch marks extend to above the belly button, these concern areas may not be excised with a tummy tuck since the extra skin is too high for an excision design. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping you through this journey which extends from the preoperative period to the week of recovery following your surgery. The first few days post-surgery are the most critical, and then the urgency of follow-ups tapers following several weeks post-surgery.

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