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Ultimate Buttock Shape and Size

Ultimate Buttock Shape and Size
Ultimate Buttock Shape and Size

A 44-year-old female completed buttock enhancement surgery by choosing her ultimate buttock shape and size. Note the small but rounder shape, smoother hips, and back

The ultimate buttock shape and size are debatable and ultimately individually based. I have seen the gamut of buttock shape and size preferences over the last decade performing buttock enhancement surgeries. Early on, I observed the occasional patient who felt her created butt was too small or too large!
After much consideration, we created the Buttock Assessment Tool that allows our patients to choose the ideal buttock shape and size.

Although photographs are a great source to convey the desired goal, it can sometimes be tricky to configure the ideal buttock shape and size of another person on your patient. As a Brazilian buttock lift revision expert, we routinely see dissatisfied patients weekly. The common thread for the dissatisfaction is miscommunication between the surgeon and the patient.

The Buttock Assessment Tool

The Buttock Assessment Tool breaks down the buttock shape options and sizes feasible. It allows the patients to choose between various lateral buttock sizes and maximum fullness positions and posterior buttocks projection sizes and maximum fullness positions.

We have evaluated well over 500 patients, and our data has been very interesting. Although the data collected is currently being analyzed, general trends have already been established.

The most desired maximum lateral buttock fullness was located over the middle and lower region of the buttock. The most desired maximum projection fullness was over the mid and upper central buttocks region. Finally, younger patients desired larger buttock mound volumes than the middle-aged and elderly.
In summary, the ideal buttock shape and size are determined by each patient individually, which can be a subjective decision.

Factors that will help hone in on your desired buttocks shape and size will include:
Buttock assessment tool b) Other patient’s wish photos c) SurgiSculpt surgeons’ input If you want to ensure a revision-free Brazilian buttock lift or buttock augmentation with a buttock implant, we encourage you to make a complimentary consultation to complete a buttock evaluation by a SurgiSculpt surgeon.
Please see this 44-year-old female who completed buttock enhancement surgery by choosing the ultimate shape and size.

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