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Fat Transfer For Buttocks Augmentation

Fat Transfer For Buttocks Augmentation
Fat Transfer For Buttocks Augmentation

A 48-year-old female, after high-definition liposuction of the back, flanks, lateral thighs, and fat transfer to buttocks as well as a total body

Fat transfer for buttocks augmentation is done routinely at our high-definition liposuction center. We have refined many aspects of this procedure to provide our clients with the best results. First, we perform ultrasound-assisted liposuction using VASER technology to optimize fat removal.

The advantage of VASER technology to liposuction includes the comprehensive removal of fat, which results in a 40% more fat harvest than traditional liposuction techniques. In addition, fat cells are more viable than traditional liposuction techniques, thus improving outcomes.

Next, fat transfer for buttocks augmentation protocols has been modified to include a closed-loop fat transfer. The closed-loop fat transfer provides several advantages over traditional techniques, including minimizing operative time, eliminating external exposure to contaminants, and limiting out-of-body times. All of these advantages result in improved fat graft take and subsequent Brazilian buttock lift outcomes.

Finally, fat transfer for buttock augmentation safety standards has been improved by providing the ability to transfer fat under direct visualization with a portable ultrasound machine. Using proprietary fat grafting cannulas, it is now feasible to transfer the fat while directly visualizing the cannulas that inject the fat material to ensure the grafted fat is limited to the space above the gluteus maximus muscle. This change in protocol alone will result in minimizing the risk of fat embolism, a dangerous complication of Brazilian Butt Lifts.

Fat Transfer For Buttocks Augmentation Procedure

Fat transfer for buttocks augmentation using the closed-loop system is now considered the definitive transfer technique. Minimizing operative times results in more reasonable costs for our clients’ cosmetic procedures. In addition, eliminating external exposure minimizes potential contamination and theoretical, devastating infections.

Finally, minimizing out-of-body times for fat cells will improve fat cell viability. I like to use the analogy of a fish out of the water, which begins to suffocate unless released back into the water. Our surgeons feel that fat cells can become compromised if they’re out of body times exceed 30 minutes.

Fat transfer for buttocks augmentation is a new art form that is continually advancing. As such, patients should continually do their homework regarding the most advanced fat transfer techniques for buttocks augmentation.

The final component of fat transfers for buttock augmentation involves optimized postoperative protocols. First, compression garments should be worn, and strenuous activity should be limited to two weeks. Pain medications should be taken in moderation to minimize recovery times. Finally, body fat composition and weight should remain stable to avoid contour alterations.

The fat transfer procedure is an integral component of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. As such, any optimization of fatty tissue transfers can be optimized to ensure successful Brazilian Butt Lift surgery outcomes. lift.

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