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Life After Bariatric Surgery

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Here is a 26-year-old female who is thrilled with her life after post-bariatric surgery, which included a Brachioplasty, medial thigh tuck, bilateral breast lift, and full tummy tuck with muscle plication.

Life after bariatric surgery is exciting for those on their way to their dream body! It would be best if you continue your weight loss through diet and exercise. Following surgery, people often experience anemia and low protein levels due to malnutrition.

As such, a healthy diet is even more important in your life after bariatric surgery. Foods high in protein should be the center of your daily diet. We also recommend the use of dietary supplements.

A protein shake between meals is an excellent way to hit your daily protein goals. Vitamin B12, Folate, and Iron supplements are also important supplements to reduce anemic symptoms.

While a huge step in the right direction, bariatric surgery is often insufficient to fulfill our patients’ desires. Their life after bariatric surgery begins once the excess skin redundancy is also addressed.

You may consider post-bariatric surgery once your weight has plateaued for at least six months.

Unfortunately, no amount of dieting or working out will make your skin tighter. The skin has a protein called elastin that allows it to recoil and remain tight. However, at age 40, we stop producing elastin, and our skin loses this ability to recoil.

Furthermore, skin reabsorption typically takes up to 5 years to occur. As such, for people to achieve their dream body after bariatric surgery, they must plan for post-bariatric skin reduction surgery.

Post-bariatric surgery is a complex procedure that serves as the icing for patients following their significant weight loss experience. Your life after bariatric surgery will be complete once you are comfortable in a bikini, and post-bariatric surgery is your last step toward this goal!

This procedure may not be covered by insurance, so patients should start saving funds early in their planning after bariatric surgery because it is a big financial commitment and requires a prolonged recovery.

Post-bariatric Surgery Procedure

Most patients undergoing post-bariatric surgery will desire a total body lift. A total body lift procedure includes the removal of redundant skin from all concerned areas following massive weight loss. The areas vulnerable to skin redundancy include the upper arm, upper back and middle back, the abdomen, the lower back and flanks, and the medial thighs. These complex and long surgeries require an experienced, expert surgical team.

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