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Total Body Transformation

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Please enjoy this 53-year-old female who underwent a total body transformation with VASER liposuction and RENUVION skin tightening.

VASER liposuction and RENUVION skin tightening (left oblique view)

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Total body transformation refers to surgeries that profoundly improve a patient’s body contour. This surgery requires correcting any and all deformities or concerns so that there are no problem areas postoperatively. A 360-degree body contouring approach can only achieve a total body transformation. 360-degree body contouring requires an evaluation of the entire body and body fat composition. Treating a localized problem spot may not suffice to correct your body contouring needs.

The aesthetically keen surgeon will evaluate and treat you circumferentially so that not only the front and back are aesthetically pleasing, but the sides are also contoured so that there is harmony throughout. In addition, a customized surgical plan is critical for patients desiring a total body transformation.

SurgiSculpt has created a high-definition liposuction body scale that allows surgeons to grade every concern area and devise a customized surgical plan to treat all areas of concern.

A high-definition body scale assigns a grade to each body region when discussing total body transformation. Then a customized and effective treatment is designed to achieve transformative results.

Total Body Transformation Result

To optimize body contouring results, assessing the degree of fat excess, skin texture, and skin redundancy is critical. The high-definition liposuction (HDL) body scale considers these three factors to assign an HDL grade and subsequent surgical design.

For example, in the front, patients may be recommended to undergo liposuction only (grades 7 to 8), liposuction and scarless skin tightening with Renuvion (grades 6 to 7), a mini tummy tuck combined with liposuction (grades 5 to 6), or a staged full tummy tuck followed by liposuction three months later (grades 2 to 4).

This surgery requires a comprehensive surgical plan that addresses your body circumferentially, an accurate and effective contouring plan for each region, and an artistic approach to surgery. If you have never had surgery or botched contouring, total body transformation is your solution to success.

No matter how bad you feel your body has become, or if you are disappointed in your results, we encourage you to consult with a SurgiSculpt surgeon to have a comprehensive evaluation to create your customized surgical plan today.

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