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Post Bariatric Surgery Recovery

Post Bariatric Surgery Recovery
Post Bariatric Surgery Recovery

Please see this 46-year-old female, a post-bariatric surgery involving a lower body lift, medial thigh tuck, breast lift with augmentation, upper body lift, and tummy tuck.

SurgiSculpt surgeons and body contouring experts dictate a strict post-bariatric surgery recovery protocol. Post-bariatric surgery is one of the most comprehensive cosmetic surgery procedures and, as such, maintains numerous factors that must be adhered to in the recovery process.

First, patients must typically possess excess skin circumferentially; thus, the recovery time is directly determined by the sheer volume of skin needing removal.

Another factor that determines the length of your recovery period is the length of incision lines, which is determined by the frame of the patients. Post-bariatric surgery may include a lower body lift, upper body lift, breast lift, tummy tuck, medial thigh tuck, and arm lift.

The number and length of skin excisions and incision lines determine the time required to heal correctly. Because of this, maintaining a high protein diet before and after surgery is incredibly important in determining the capacity for incision line healing. SurgiSculpt surgeons recommend a diet involving protein shakes between meals with a daily protein intake of 150g.

Length of Post-Bariatric Surgery Dictates Recovery

The final factor in post-bariatric surgery that dictates recovery is the length of surgery required.

A total body lift may take up to 8 hours and result in significant blood loss. A patient’s iron levels are vital to preventing anemic symptoms following surgery. Iron supplements are also required before surgery and throughout the post-bariatric surgery recovery. In addition, it is important to arrange for postoperative care during the immediate postoperative period.

Immediately after your post-bariatric surgery, you may feel groggy due to your time under general anesthesia. As such, the first 24 hours of the postoperative period occur in a stay-care facility with around-the-clock care.

Post Bariatric Surgery Compression Garments

This procedure also involves lots of swelling, so placing custom-made compression garments and wraps is critical to optimizing the recovery process. Customized compression garments must be worn for at least two weeks after surgery.

SurgiSculpt surgeons refer their patients to wear the garments for up to 1 month, if possible, for several reasons:

  1. Successful garments will relieve the tension of the incision lines and thus optimize incision line healing.
  2. This wrap will also prevent pro-inflammatory cells from entering these areas, creating more swelling and discomfort from the compression of pain fibers.
  3. The influx of an overabundance of fibroblast cells in a single area may lead to over-healing and potentially prominent scarring.

Post Bariatric Surgery Recovery Conclusion

Post-bariatric surgery recovery can be a real journey that must be tackled to achieve your dream body! Patients are required to start walking immediately after surgery to prevent possible blood clotting. Patients who have undergone a tummy tuck are asked to remain in a semi-flexed position to avoid undue tension on the abdominal incision line.

One week into the recovery period, patients can stand fully upright. Patients are encouraged to be active but to avoid undue physical activity and heavy lifting for one month after surgery. Driving a car can be permitted once the patient has completed using pain medications. Termination of consumption of pain medications will typically occur at two weeks, after which it is feasible to start driving a car. Please be advised that driving a car varies from patient to patient, as you can only start driving once you are completely off your pain pills. Finally, by 4 to 6 weeks following your post-bariatric surgery recovery, you can resume all normal physical activities and start enjoying your new body!

If you are interested in post-bariatric surgery or have any questions about the recovery process, please message or contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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