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Hip Augmentation

This 51-year-old female patient underwent a lateral thigh tuck, high-definition VASER liposuction of the abdomen, upper back, middle back, lower back, flanks, fat grafting to the lateral hips, and Brazilian Buttock Lift.

Hip dip surgery has become popular recently as one of women’s most desired fat transfer regions. The hip dip is a concave area between the side of the thigh and the upper hip area. Hip dips are a contour irregularity if a patient’s goal is the aesthetic ideal of the female silhouette as described by the hourglass figure.

Hip dip surgery describes the addition of fat to the side of the hip above the thigh. When planning hip dip surgery, a two-fold approach is necessary for optimal results:

  • Fat repositioning
  • Tightening of redundant skin

The first consideration is fat repositioning. This part of hip dip surgery involves liposuction to eliminate flank fullness and outer thigh prominence. Fat is then grafted into the hip dip to create a smooth curve that includes maximum prominence at the hip and smooth junctions that taper into the flanks and outer thighs. This contour creation is best described by the tilde sign, “~, “and coined as the “hip flip.

The second consideration is the evaluation and treatment of excess skin:

  • When skin redundancy is minimal to moderate, the area is filled in by adding fat volume into the hip dips and supplementing Renuvion J plasma skin contraction.
  • When the skin redundancy is moderate to severe, excess skin must be addressed with the removal of skin in a lateral thigh tuck that hoists up the thigh skin in that area.

If you are concerned about improving your hip dips, we encourage you to make an appointment with our SurgiSculpTM team so that we can help you design your customized plan for your hip dip surgery. Our surgeons collaborate with you and work with our proprietary Brazilian Buttock Lift Assessment tool to determine the degree of hip dip fat grafting required to get you the hips of your dreams.

The Brazilian buttock lift assessment tool establishes proportions in the hip area. It allows you to consider the location of fat for maximum fullness desired but localized to the upper, upper-middle, middle-lower, and lower regions of the hip.

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