Renuvion Scarless Skin Tightening as ideal supplement to VASER HD Lipo

Why Renuvion scarless skin tightening is the ideal supplement to VASER high definition liposuction?

Why Renuvion Scarless skin tightening is the ideal supplement to VASER High Definition Liposuction

Skin tightening is a critical prerequisite to outcomes. This is because high definition requires both comprehensive and circumferential removal of fat. Comprehensive removal of fat means removal of both the deep and superficial layers of fat. The deep fat is the layer that has been traditionally targeted by most liposuction techniques. The removal of the superficial fat layer has been resistant to routine liposuction techniques, yet it has been a differentiating factor for ultrasound-assisted VASER liposuction In fact, is the only liposuction modality that allows body contouring experts to remove All of the fat comprehensively.

Why is skin redundancy such a concern with High Definition Liposuction

When you add this competitive advantage of high definition liposuction to circumferential contouring, i.e. lipo 360, then you can appreciate why skin redundancy becomes a real concern. The analogy I like to use is that of a piece of fruit like a kiwi; if you were to remove all of the inside pulp, then the outer skin shell would become wrinkled and deformed, much like our skin following over-aggressive liposuction that does not take into consideration skin redundancy that can result in a botched surgery.

Role of Renuvion Technology

So what we are talking about is the need to manage skin redundancy during high definition liposuction so that results are not compromised by a wrinkled overlying skin surface following comprehensive fat removal. So what is Renuvion and how does it help with skin redundancy? Renuvion is a proprietary technology that combines the energy of radiofrequency and Helium plasma that serve to instantly heat and contract collagen. Heating of collagen molecules results in instant contraction of these structural proteins that literally squeeze down almost like an accordion.

Physiologic Mechanism for Skin Tightening

Collagen molecules are located in the deepest layer of the skin called the dermis and throughout the subcutaneous tissues like structural support cables that span from the skin to the underlying muscles. Formally called cutaneous retinacular ligaments, they provide support for the overlying skin so that it doesn’t sag off of the body. The net effect of collagen contraction is the tightening of the skin itself as well as its connections to the underlying muscles. Both of these effects result in countering skin redundancy that occurs following the aggressive removal of fat during VASER high definition liposuction.

The specific advantage of Renuvion to VASER liposuction

So why Does Renuvion scarless skin tightening lend itself so nicely specifically to VASER liposuction? This is because the supportive cable structures are denser in the superficial rather than the deeper planes. Because VASER can remove the superficial fat, it exposes the densest layer of retinacular cutaneous ligaments to contraction using the Renuvion J plasma wand delivery unit. The Renuvion energy is applied through a sleek wand that measures 3mm. This means that the wand can be introduced through the same port holes used for liposuction and thus avoids the need for surgical excision lines.

Advantage of Renuvion to Fat Harvesting and BBL

Another reason that Renuvion makes an ideal adjunct to high definition liposuction is that it can be administered after the fat has been removed. This advantage is twofold. First, you will appreciate maximum laxity only once the fat has been removed thus allowing you to maximally tighten any . Interestingly, your endpoint of skin tightening is appreciated immediately!

The second is that Renuvion avoids injury to any of the fat cells since they are harvested for transfer to the buttocks before administration of Renuvion. The final advantage, of Renuvion is the ideal supplement for VASER high definition liposuction is that it can be performed very quickly on the order of five minutes per area.

Conclusion:  Why Renuvion Scarless skin tightening is the ideal supplement to VASER High Definition Liposuction

Since high definition frequently requires a circumferential or 360 approach to body contouring, you may require up to 12 areas to be treated simultaneously with Renuvion skin tightening which can be completed in only an additional hour! Since high definition body contouring surgeries may already take up to 5 to 6 hours, the quick treatment times of Renuvion make it indispensable to high definition surgeries.

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