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Hips vs. Lats

51-year-old female patient following a lower Body Lift, medial thigh tuck, high definition VASER liposuction of the flanks and back, , and fat grafting to the lateral hips.

Hips vs. Lats

A concavity of the lateral hips can compromise the in a BBL procedure, often termed the hip dip. This dip is contrasted by the lateral thigh prominence below it and called saddle bags. The routine contouring maneuver in a BBL procedure involves transposing the fat from the lateral thighs into the hips, often coined the hip flip. The hips vs. lats should be controlled from the back and front sides. Fat grafting to improve contour is the only alternative since the largest muscle of the buttock, i.e., the Gluteus Maximus muscle, does not extend laterally.

The Gluteus Maximus remains one of the body’s core muscles that span the central buttock cheek. Fat grafting can help achieve aesthetic butt shapes from the starting position of the patient. This fat transfer helps achieve a beautiful heart shape, contrasting with a slender, beautiful upper body. The correction of the hips vs. lats is routinely performed during a BBL procedure to improve the overall body contour.

360 liposuction is a type of that refers to circumferential contouring of the body. This procedure requires from both the front and back to remove body fat. The hips vs. lats are contoured from the lateral infra-gluteal crease located along the lowest border of the buttock when you are lying on your stomach.

What Happens During a BBL Procedure?

During a BBL procedure, the hips vs. lats are contoured from the groin region when lying on your back. When contouring your hips vs. lats, it’s important to consider how exaggerated you desire your lateral contour. The more exaggerated your curves, the more prominent your lateral hips will be augmented. Optimal contouring may mean being more conservative with bringing down your lateral thighs. Ultimately, female-specific contouring requires the creation of smooth transitions.

As such, if you have generous-sized legs, you will want to be more aggressive with the filling of your hips and more conservative with bringing down your lateral thighs during your BBL procedure. In contrast, if you have thinner legs, you will benefit from a more aggressive lowering of the lateral thighs and a more conservative build-up of the lateral hips to create a smooth transition.

In summary, hips vs. lats contouring is an important component of improving female body contour during a BBL or butt lift procedure. These procedures can help achieve the hourglass shape or beautiful heart shape to improve your butt shape.

In summary, lats and hips contouring is an important component of the body contouring of females.

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