BBL Surgery (Brazilian Buttocks Lift) Buttocks shaping
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BBL Surgery

High Definition BBL Surgery CASE STUDIES

High Definition BBL Surgery ( (Buttocks Shaping))

High Definition Brazilian Buttocks Lift (Buttocks shaping) strives to achieve the ideal buttocks size and shape. Brazilian buttocks lift has quickly become one of the most sought after procedures in the cosmetic world. With the higher desire to achieve the ideal buttocks shape, VASER high definition liposuction techniques have been advanced to deliver on achieving the optimum buttocks shape and augmented buttocks size.

Since buttocks fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) has become so consistent in delivered results, a buttocks assessment tool has been created to ensure that every patient has the opportunity to communicate to their surgeon, the exact buttocks shape and size they desire. Fat graft transfer to the buttocks, coined as the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), has made significant advances in recent years. For example, fat harvesting volumes using VASER Liposuction provide for 30 to 40% more fat volumes than previously possible. We now provide patients, who previously believed they were not candidates for a BBL the ability to achieve their desired results.

Other advances in BBL have included reinforcing the concept of framing the buttocks, which is accomplished by narrowing the lower back, flanks, lower central back(called the central diamond), and the lateral and medial thighs. What makes high definition Brazilian Buttocks lift unique is that ALL of the fat surrounding the buttocks in comprehensively removed and buttocks volumes are maximally increased to give "jaw-dropping " results when desired.

For patients with redundant skin and sagging the buttocks and lateral thighs, buttocks fat transfer is coupled with a skin tightening procedure. If moderate sagging is present, then the Renuvion skin tightening tool is utilized. This skin tightening modality tightens the lower back, lateral thighs, and buttocks, without the need for an incision line.  If moderate to severe buttocks sagging is present, then a more invasive lateral thigh tucking procedure may be necessary. Both of these skin contouring procedures are performed simultaneously with your Vaser liposuction to achieve high definition Brazilian Buttocks Lift outcomes. Sculpting and contouring of the entire back, buttocks, and legs are required to achieve superior buttocks shaping results.

BBL Surgery Description:

  • Procedure: Ultimate elimination of excess fat and redundant skin that may have accumulated over the lower lateral back, flanks, lower central back (central diamond), lateral thighs, and medial thighs, as well as fat transfer to the buttocks and buttocks reshaping.
  • Length: 1 to 2 hours dependent on the number of areas treated in order to harvest that fat that is transferred to the buttocks.
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia.
  • Place of Treatment: Outpatient surgical suite or hospital operating room.

Side Effects of BBL Surgery

  • Suboptimal buttocks contour or shaping. Suboptimal filling or shaping is usually caused by the lack of artistic judgment and inaccurate fat distribution during transfer. We have created a Buttocks assessment tool that attempts patients to convey exactly the buttocks shape and size that they are striving for.
  • Delayed loss of fat grafting volume. If you have had any type of prior liposculpture such as cool sculpting or traditional liposuction, you may have fat that has been scarred and prone to injury and death. Fat removed from previously manipulated areas should not be used for fat transfer as they have a lower rate of survivability. As such, the fat that is removed from only virgin areas should be used for fat transfer in order to minimize this side effect.
  • Fat necrosis and firmness. If too much fat is placed in one area, a fat globule or lake will form not allowing the center fat cells from becoming re-established with proper blood flow. As a result of the inability to revascularize, the majority of fat cells will die and become a calcified glob. Proper fat grafting techniques ensure that only small pacules of fat (0.5cc per transfer) are diffusely distributed so that a maximum number of fat cells can re-establish blood and remain alive.
  • Infection of fat cells can occur because they have been stripped from their normal home and transferred into a new region where blood flow is compromised over the first 48 hours. In order to avoid infections, fat cells must be irrigated with an antibiotic solution. In addition, the closed-loop system has been developed to avoid exposure of fat cells to the external air. Finally, proper grafting techniques ensure avoidance of fat cell death which makes it more prone to infection.

Risks of BBL Surgery

Fat emboli may occur following immediately following any type of liposuction but especially after fat grafting the main central buttocks muscle called the gluteus maximus.

The reason that this maneuver is prone to getting fat emboli is that the larger vessels traverse through this area and thus inadvertent fat entry into the vessel is more feasible. If enough fat volume enters a blood vessel (typically a vein) and then travels up to the heart or lungs, the fat can clog up the critical vasculature resulting in serious harm. This risk is minimized using various maneuvers including intimate knowledge of underlying anatomy (larger vessels can be mapped out to avoid inadvertent entry).

In addition, a portable ultrasound can be used to get a real-time view of the underlying structures so that trauma to vessels is minimized. Recent recommendations by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is to avoid fat grafting to the central buttocks muscle, the gluteus maximus, all together.

Recovery: The recovery for buttock shaping, i.e. Brazilian Buttocks lift, may range from 1 to 2 weeks.  Routinely, patients are encouraged to return to the gym with full physical activity resumed no later than 2 to 3 weeks following surgery.

Duration of Results: Patients are universally pleased with Brazilian buttocks results as the gained buttocks volume and shape are permanent.

BBL Surgery Frequently Asked Questions:

High definition buttock shaping, i.e. Brazilian Butt Lift, involves comprehensive analysis, surgical design, and implementation of fat transfer to the buttocks. Comprehensive analysis requires appreciation of the ideal buttocks shape and size such that the optimum female silhouette is created. Using our Buttocks assessment tool, patients are provided the opportunity to convey to SurgiSculpt the exact buttocks shape that they desire. Surgical design requires creating a customized  knowledge of back and buttocks contour as well as muscle anatomy in order to maximize fat removal. In addition, skin redundancy needs to be accounted for as skin tightening using the Renuvion minimally invasive subdermal coagulation or an actual skin tucking such as a lateral thigh and buttocks tuck is required. Finally, the Vaser liposuction fat harvesting and Prograf fat processing is used to achieve 90 % fat transfer viability.

You are a good candidate for high definition Brazilian Butt lift if you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your buttocks. Whether you want to have a larger, smaller, or different shaped buttocks you will achieve your goals following the high definition Brazilian butt lift protocols. In addition, if you have lateral thigh and lower back skin redundancy or buttocks sagging, you will be evaluated and recommended a minimally invasive Revuvion technology or more invasive lateral thigh tucking skin tightening procedure.

You must plan for your high definition Brazilian Butt lift surgery. First of all, you want to be at your comfort weight. Comfort weight denotes a weight that is stable and one that you can hold for the rest of your life with little effort. It should be the weight that fits your lifestyle and is typically based on your level of physical activity and your eating habits. This is because SurgiSculpt treats your body like a canvas and makes beneficial changes to it that he expects to be permanent. As long as you are comfortable at your preoperative weight and do not plan to change your weight in the future, you will be assured to keep your improvements.

You can expect to achieve a stunning buttocks shape and your desired buttocks size. Using Vaser liposuction fat harvest and our closed loop fat processing and transfer allows us to create consistently superior buttocks contouring results that are permanent. Recreating your ideal buttocks shape and size is achieved by having you choose your dream buttocks look using our Buttocks assessment tool.

Your high definition Brazilian butt Lift procedure will be performed in a surgical facility on site.

BBL Surgery Patient-Specific Questions:

High definition Brazilian buttocks lift is performed using small port sites measuring less than 5 mm each. In addition, port protectors are used during the liposuction procedure to avoid any irritation or abrasion of the port sites that could result in scarring. Since longer surgical incisions are avoided, most patients will not experience any scarring risk. Even patients who present with minimal to moderate skin redundancy are treated with Renuvion skin tightening tool that is administered through the same port sites thus avoiding incision lines associated with a tucking procedure.

When considering buttocks augmentation, two options are available; the first is to use your own fat, called Brazilian Buttocks lift, and the second is a silicone buttocks implant. Prior to Vaser technology, we were limited in the amount of fat that we could harvest. Today, we can harvest as much as 40 % more fat than previously possible. As a result, many patients who were not previously good candidates for a Brazilian buttocks lift, are now considered excellent candidates for a Brazilian Butttocks lift. On occasion, patients may choose to have a combination of buttocks augmentation with an implant to maximize central projection and fat transfer to the lateral hip region for increasing lateral fullness. A consultation with SurgiSculpt will allow you to determine whether fat transfer alone or fat transfer in combination with a buttocks implant will work for you.

Since Brazilian buttocks lifts do not require surgical incision lines, healing time is limited to 1 week. Patients are allowed to return to non-physical occupations after one week and to physical activities and/or physical jobs no later than two weeks following surgery.


SurgiSculpt Read my Mind!

My experience was absolutely great. I came into the office after seeing two other doctors, that did not tell me what I wanted to hear, and SurgiSculpt read my mind. He made my breasts and body exactly as I wanted and I am very happy with the process so far. Instead of implants, the tummy tuck, and fat grafting to the The care through the massages and pain management exceeded my expectations. The team is very welcoming, from Claudia who helped me go over all of the pre and post information, to the office staff, and the Doctor himself. Thank you for all being so welcoming and I totally recommend SurgiSculpt.

Happy patient

SurgiSculpt is an amazing doctor. I love the work that he did. He's like an artist. I was referred by a friend who had breast implants by him, and as soon as I saw hers I knew I wanted to make an appointment with him. He made me feel really comfortable the first time we met. His office is really nice and the staff is always friendly.

Amazing experience!

My experience was excellent with this SurgiSculpt He knew exactly what I wanted. I have been working out for the past four years after having four kids and I never thought I would have to come in for a surgery to get rid of the remaining imperfections that I had. He gave me my hourglass figure, took away my flanks, and gave me the body that I wanted. I had vaser lipo, mini tummy tuck, and minimal fat transfer to the butt. The staff was amazing and were quick to answer any questions that I had. Lymphatic massages with Polly were amazing. Overall, from staff, to nurses, and doctor, my experience was excellent and I will definitely refer anyone interested in cosmetic surgery to see SurgiSculpt and team.

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