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High Definition Back Contouring

Introduction to High Definition Back Contouring

The aesthetic contour of your back can be perfected using our high definition liposuction protocol. Hi-Def back contouring requires expertise in treating excess fat and loose skin and knowledge of gender anatomic differences. First, all fat layers must be addressed, and all pockets of fat must be optimally removed. Next, excess skin must be assessed and categorized as lax or redundant. Lax or minimally redundant skin can be tightened with Renuvion J plasma. In contrast, moderate skin redundancy may have to be excised using a skin excision such as a lower body lift or bra-line back lift.

A well-experienced and knowledgeable surgeon must be able to sculpt the aesthetically ideal back for both males and females. For achieving optimum contour, a male back will demonstrate a strong V-line created by leaving bulk in the upper and middle back; in contrast, the female back should demonstrate a sleeker, more elongated appearance achieved by debulking the upper and middle back region.

Gender differences in the lower back are critical; whereas the lowest portion of the back is cored out in the male to create a shelf above a squared-off, and firm buttocks cheek, the lowest portion of the female back is left generous so that there is a smooth transition from the larger, rounder and softer buttocks cheek up to the maximally narrowed mid-back waistline.

Traditional liposuction has always been limited in eliminating the lower back and flank fullness often referred to as the love handles. This is because the lower back and flank area is multilayered and highly fibrotic and does not allow complete fat removal using conventional liposuction cannulas; instead, VASER technology allows comprehensive fat removal from these fibrotic areas. This is because VASER ultrasonic energy can liquefy the fat first before being removed.

Finally, creating aesthetically superior back contours requires the assessment of skin quality.  Upper back and middle back skin redundancy can be treated with either Renuvion J plasma or a bra-line back lift, depending on the degree of laxity and skin redundancy. Similarly, the lower back and flank region can be treated with either Renuvion J plasma or a lateral thigh and buttock tuck based on the degree of laxity and skin redundancy. Being attentive to the skin while performing ultrasound-assisted liposuction to remove the fat is of utmost importance when striving for high definition back contouring results.

Renuvion J plasma technology has revolutionized the treatment for patients desiring back contouring. This is because it allows for the maximal removal of fat layers using ultrasound-assisted liposuction while avoiding the need for surgical skin incisions following excisional surgery.  Excisional surgery does have the stigma of a surgical incision line, but it does benefit from definitive correction of moderate to severe skin redundancy.

High Definition Back Contouring Description:

  • Procedure: Ultimate elimination of excess fat deposits and redundant skin that may have accumulated over the upper, middle, and lower back and flank contours.
  • Length: 1 to 2 hours, dependent on the amount of fat excess and required skin tightening and reduction maneuvers.
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia.
  • Place of Treatment: Outpatient surgical suite in a surgery center

High Definition Back Contoruing Side Effects:

Seroma formation is the most common side effect of back contouring since it is the most dependent position when lying down. The seroma tends to pull over the central diamond, the name coined of the region just above the central upper buttocks and central lower back region. The central diamond becomes the most dependent when you are standing up. This fluid is easily removed during the first week following surgery at the time of your lymphatic messages. These messages are performed daily and once a day for the first 7 to 10 days. Compression garments worn over the first two weeks will also prevent most seroma formations. Another reason for seroma accumulation over the back is the shear stress created by lying on your back during sleep. Shear stress makes the skin surface layers of the back more apt to not adhere down to the muscle fascia resulting in fluid accumulation.

Recovery: The recovery for high definition liposuction back contouring is tolerable with the return to full physical activity by 1 to 2 weeks following surgery. Routinely, patients are encouraged to return to the gym with full physical activity resumed no later than two weeks following surgery, especially if their back contouring procedure is limited to ultrasound-assisted liposuction. If patients present with moderate skin redundancy, then Renuvion J plasma may be recommended, which will delay healing by several more days. For patients presenting with extensive skin redundancy, excisional surgery may be recommended. A lateral thigh and buttock tuck are typically considered for extensive lower back redundancy, and a mid-back bra lift may be advocated for middle back skin redundancy. More invasive skin excision surgeries are commonly seen in massive weight loss patients.

Duration of Results: Patients are universally pleased with high definition back and flank contouring since exaggerated curves are created by waistline narrowing. Waistline narrowing occurs because the flank and mid-back fat layers are comprehensively removed with VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Effective treatment must eliminate back rolls as well as fat deposition. As long as patients maintain a stable weight, their results should be permanent.

High Definition Back Contouring Frequently Asked Questions:

High definition back liposuction requires comprehensive removal of fat from the upper, middle, and lower back, as well as the flanks (love handles), resulting in the uniform elimination of all fat. When back rolls are present secondary to skin redundancy, Renuvion technology can be used to eliminate these undesirable prominences. Excisional surgery may be recommended if the redundancy is moderate to severe, such as severe back rolls. All body contouring maneuvers that include removing fat cells and eliminating skin redundancy should be completed in a single treatment session.

You are a good candidate for high definition back liposuction if you have a barrel torso such that your waistline has become blunted from unwanted weight gain and fat accumulation along the love handles. Patients also seek high definition surgeons to eliminate the back rolls that can become prominent and a nuisance when wearing tight-fitting blouses. Finally, patients desiring exaggerated waistline curves to the buttocks region can attain "jaw-dropping" outcomes when back contouring is combined with fat transfer to the buttocks, i.e., Brazilian buttocks lift. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction allows for maximal harvest of fat and optimized fat graft take following transfer to the buttock. An exaggerated concavity defines the middle back contour at the waistline juxtaposed against smooth transition lines to the upper back, lower back, flanks, and buttocks.

Postoperative contour will be exceptional right after surgery. Patients are typically seen 24 to 48 hours following surgery for their first lymphatic message revealing a superior body contour with buttocks and back contours that show exaggerated curvature. Optimally shaped with appropriate lateral buttock fullness and central, posterior projection. The back waistline will be maximally narrowed, creating a cinched waist. All of your body concerns must be addressed during high definition body contouring.

You can prepare for your high definition liposuction of the back by determining your desired waistline to buttocks width ratios desired. This is because the back and buttocks contours are intimately related and affect the overall aesthetic curvature of the female silhouette. You should also optimize your health and nutrition before surgery. A toned appearance will only improve your body's appearance before undergoing surgery. Optimizing nutrition by taking 150mg of protein daily will help expedite your recovery. This is because high blood protein levels will maintain your blood albumin count at the appropriate levels required to retain fluid in the vasculature and prevent it from leaking into the soft tissues.

Your high definition back liposuction will be performed at a surgical outpatient facility. Body contouring surgery will utilize body reshaping protocols encompassing simultaneous ultrasound-assisted liposuction and skin-tightening maneuvers. Performing your surgery in a surgical center is even more critical when liposuction is combined with skin excision procedures such as a tummy tuck in the front of a bra lift or a lower body lift procedure in the back.

You will be able to return or work following your high definition buttocks contouring within one week. Patients undergo aggressive postoperative lymphatic messaging of the back every day for one week. Following lymphatic messaging, patients can usually return to regular activities. If you have undergone a skin excision as part of your surgical procedures, you will be asked to delay your return to physical activities for one month following surgery.

High Definition Back Contouring Patient-Specific Questions:

The fat range removed from the back averages between 1000 to 2500 cc of fat aspirate. The areas of fat removal may include the upper, middle, and lower back, the flanks, the back of the armpits (axilla), and the central lower back, coined the central diamond. This fat is then processed to remove all pro-inflammatory blood products that can cause fat death. In addition, the fat is irrigated with an antibiotic solution before having the fat transferred to the buttocks.

The ideal female silhouette is created by having an exaggerated lazy "S" curve as depicted by the tilde sign "~." To achieve this, your surgeon has to create a beautiful and smooth transition from the maximal fullness at the mid-buttocks level to the maximally narrowed waistline. The actual curve created is determined by the artistic eye of your surgeon, which is critical to achieving superior back contouring outcomes.

You can sleep on your back after back contouring and buttocks fat grafting as long as you don't lie in one position for more than two hours and sleep on a soft mattress.


Fantastic Doctor!!

Major surgery is always daunting, but I felt SurgiSculpt and his staff did an excellent job of preparing me for the before and after of the surgery. You will love this doctor. He knows the medical side of your surgery, but what I loved about him was his artistic eye in helping me through the procedure. I look better than I ever have, and I'm so pleased with the results.

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

The best medical experience I have ever had in my life. I had a mommy make over. I didn't know how it would come out because I am 69 years old, and I am not young anymore, and it is beautiful! SurgiSculpt, James, and staff were great, I felt great all the time. I feel my breasts all the time because they are so nice now. When I have my bra and panties on you cannot even tell. I had a friend who had a breast reduction from another doctor, and it was so horrid I was afraid to do this surgery, it took me three years to get my courage up. And I am so happy i finally got it done. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! It has been a great experience, I know it is scary at first, but never let that stop you!

29 Y/O Dreams Furfilled with a Breast Aug

I can't give SurgiSculpt, James, Claudia and the rest of his staff enough praise! SurgiSculpt isn't just my doctor but a family friend now. He performed a breast augmentation on me but really he helped me in so many other ways other than the surgery. I went in there so insecure and he has helped me feel, think and look like a confidant woman. He gave me exactly what I asked for and his whole staff helped along the way. He gave me specific, easy and clear directions all along the way to attain the goal that we both set together. I am 6 months post op and I am so happy with my results. He has done work on my mom, sister-in law and soon my sister too. He knows exactly what he is doing and isn't happy until his patients are happy. James which is his right hand is amazing, he is so easy to talk to and is the funniest and sweetest guy! He also took the time to get to know me and really cares. I would look forward to seeing him every time I had an appointment because he was so genuine and made everything go along smoothly. Claudia besides being so beautiful is so sweet, she explains everything and makes herself available at all times to clear any and every question up. They always are confident in their responses and follow through with what they promise. Everyone is so genuine here I can't recommend him and his staff enough.

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