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How to Fix a Sagging Butt

fix a sagging butt
fix a sagging butt
Fix a Sagging Butt

A 44 year old patient who had a lateral thigh tuck and Brazilian buttock lift to fix her sagging butt.

Introduction to How to Fix a Sagging Butt

When determining how to correct a sagging butt best, thinking of a sagging breast is very helpful. You cannot just fix a sagging breast with an implant. Placing an implant to correct a sagging breast will create the snoopy deformity characterized by an implant positioned in the mid breast (Snoopy’s head) and the sagging breast mound that continues to fall off the breast implant. The sagging component of the breast mound is best characterized by Snoopy’s nose. Similarly, how to fix a sagging butt is not by merely filling the buttock, such as with a buttock implant or fat transfer, termed a BBL.

Adding fat or an implant will only add more weight to the sagging buttock component. Instead, the sagging buttock skin and soft tissues need to be lifted. Specifically, to lift the sagging buttock tissues, it is necessary to perform a lateral thigh and buttock tuck. The procedure requires excision of the upper buttock and flank tissues followed by transposition of the buttock cheek upwards, thus eliminating buttock sagging.

Fix a Sagging Butt

Eliminating buttock sagging will also result in the elimination of lower buttock and upper posterior thigh cellulite. Although multiple minimally invasive procedures have been advocated to correct lower buttock cellulite, the pathophysiology of buttock cellulite remains redundant skin. As such, a lateral thigh and buttock tuck remain the most traditional means of eliminating both buttock sagging and cellulite.

The lateral thigh and buttock tuck remain an increasingly popular procedure that provides a rear end that looks and feels very natural. SurgiSculpt surgeons perform Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries using their proprietary fat grafting techniques:

First, liposuction is used to remove unwanted excess fat from a particular area. Then the fat is strategically injected to add volume, enhance the shape, and lift the butt to a higher position. This procedure can be described as an “invisible” butt augmentation. This is because buttock shape and size can be augmented without any palpable evidence of augmentation material. However, this augmentation procedure will not correct sagging buttocks.

fix a sagging butt

How do a lateral thigh and buttocks work

A lateral thigh and buttock tuck works by lifting the lateral thighs and buttocks using a strategically positioned gull-winged excision at the junction of the upper buttock and lower back region. Two factors determine the height of the excised upper buttock region. The first is the position of the desired buttocks. If the buttocks are too low, the incision is positioned higher over the lower back with respect to the upper excision line. The second is the buttock height which is typically too long following decades of aging and sagging.

The location of the lower excision line is determined by the degree of excess skin that results in loose skin and saggy buttocks. Once the excision is performed, the incision line is repaired in a layered fashion so that the final incision line will fall into your G-String so that it is hidden. In summary saggy butts can now be effectively corrected using a combination of a lateral thigh and buttock tuck and fat transfer.

If you are concerned about fixing a sagging butt, we encourage you to complete a consultation with one of our Surgisculpt consultants.

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