How Has BBL Size and Shape Changed Throughout History

BBL Size and Shape
A 40 year old female who had a lateral thigh tuck and Brazilian buttock lift to achieve her BBL goals.
BBL Size and Shape

BBL Size and Shape

BBL Size and Shape

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BBL Size and Shape in the 1890 to 1910’s

In the late 1890s, artist Charles Dana Gibson creates the Gibson Girl. She becomes regarded as the ideal American woman, that other women strived for and men dreamed of. She epitomized the feminine figure. Back then the female figure was a tight waist and generous BBL creating the well regarded hourglass as she stood tall and poised. Her persona cried social success and self assurance.

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BBL Size and Shape in the 1910 to 1930’s

This era was typified by women who were obsessed with appearing more masculine to enter the work force. Coined flappers, they wished to avoid all feminine features curves. As a stark contrast to the “Gibson Girl”, this era of flappers became obsessed with hiding their curves. Instead, they strived for a flat butt, chest, and thighs and wore loose clothes to convey a boyish figure that was more conducive to participating in labored, physical activities.

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BBL Size and Shape in the 1930’s to 1950’s

The 30’s was the beginning of a shift to more generous BBL volumes and more curves. This trend continued from the 1930 through the 1950’s. Women generally became heavier and more matronly than their 1920’s counterparts. This transition to showing off modest curves was best typified by wearing of fitted trousers.

BBL Size and Shape in the 1960 to 1980s

This decade experienced women reverting back to more conservative, athletic figures best typified by the wonder woman body. The BBL shape was best described by the popularity of fitted booty shorts that were worn universally by all ages of women.

BBL Size and Shape in the 1980’s to 2000’s

Again the curvy butt trend came back but not like the 30 to 50’s. Physical fitness became a priority and women began weight training. Performing squats became a mainstay as the gluteus maximus muscle, the main muscle traversing the BBL cheek got more attention. Thus stronger BBL cheeks, but not necessarily large BBL cheeks became popular. The athletic BBL look continued to build to prominence until the 2000’s.

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And now today’s BBL in 2000 to 2020’s

The trend towards more attention to the BBL has continued throughout the last two decades. In fact, this trend has peaked due to social media influencers such as Kim Kardashian. The trend for a huge BBL has progressed throughout the 2020’s requiring redesign of jeans to accommodate very large BBL volumes! This peak interest has led to patients flocking to Miami to undergo the Brazilian BBL Lift.

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2020 to 2030’s?

We have observed a recent trend to reverting back to smaller BBL sizes. The BBLs are still large, just not out of control! In fact, patients who have previously undergone extreme Brazilian BBL lifts with transfer of over 1 Liter of fat into each BBL cheek are coming to California to get BBL reduction. In order to reduce extreme BBLs it is necessary to not only remove the fat using liposuction but also to excise upper BBL skin to avoid sagging of the BBL caused by overfilling and subsequent stretching of the skin. Removal of the upper BBL skin to counter BBL skin redundancy has been named the lateral thigh and BBL tuck. Finally, interest in a more proportional BBL enlargement has led to the development of a BBL that has been coined the skinny BBL.

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