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How to Correct Butt Cellulite

Introduction: How to Correct Butt Cellulite

To consider how we can correct butt cellulite, we must consider what cellulite is. Cellulite is the undesirable appearance of your buttock, posterior thigh, and lateral thigh skin contour that is characterized by sporadic skin dimples surrounded by global skin pouting and redundancy. The indentation is created by oblique tethering ligaments that attach to the center of the dimple. Because of the tension in the dimple, fat cells get displaced to the outskirts. The dimple is surrounded by circumferential pouting of skin and redundancy. This pouting is caused by an enlarged and higher density of fat that herniates out because of loosened ligaments. Interestingly, the most prominent component of cellulite is the skin redundancy that surrounds the sporadic dimples.

Treatment goals for Correcting Butt Cellulite

The treatment goals for correcting butt cellulite are several and include releasing the tethering ligaments that attach to the central dimple. This is contrasted by the need to tighten the loosened ligaments that are in the pouting skin surrounding the dimples. Finally, the fat must be repositioned from the areas of high density in the pouting and redundant skin areas into the dimples where there is low density of fat cells. In severe cellulite cases, a lateral thigh and buttock tuck is advocated.

Subcision of tethering Ligaments

Subcision describes the process of strategically releasing the tethering bands that are located under the dimple while preserving the surrounding loosened ligaments. This procedure is performed using an endoscopic scissor which has a retractable blade. The retractable blade allows us to penetrate into the center of the dimple without cutting the surrounding loosened ligaments. Then, the blade is engaged to specifically cut the tethering ligament.

Tightening of the Loosened Ligaments using Attiva Radiofrequency Treatments

Using the Attiva Radiofrequency tool, a thin wand is introduced into the subcutaneous tissues to allow for thermal treatment of the loosened ligaments throughout the pouted and redundant skin areas. The Attiva tools provide instant tightening of the ligaments thereby allowing the skin to retract down to the underlying tissues.

Redistributing Fat  with Liposuction and Grafting

Redistribution of fat is the final maneuver utilized that transfers the herniated fatty areas into the central dimple. This is achieved using liposuction to harvest the fat from the pouting skin and then transfer it back into the central dimples.

Lateral Thigh and Buttock Tuck

When cellulite is severe and skin redundancy extensive, then a lateral thigh and buttock tuck can be used to eliminate skin redundancy. A heart-shaped excision is designed and completed that will eliminate skin redundancy and lift the buttock, lateral thigh, and posterior thighs to their new desired location.

How to perform a lateral thigh and Buttock Tuck

The definitive correction of buttock cellulite is a lateral thigh and buttock which uses a buttock excision that is strategically positioned along the upper buttock region. This excision must be positioned in a curved fashion that delineates the junction of the buttock and lower back region and makes your buttock heart-shaped in appearance. Interestingly, the leverage gained from this upper buttock region is strong enough that it can eliminate cellulite from even the lower buttock region. A final note is that cellulite deformities cannot be filled with further fat grafting. The addition of fat is a frequent request from patients who desire correction of cellulite craters. Although the filling of a dimple seems like a reasonable solution, it is not very effective since the addition of volume in the region will only lead to increased prominence of the herniation. This is made worse if you release the tethering ligament simultaneously.

Conclusion: How to Correct Butt Cellulite

If you are suffering from buttock cellulite, we encourage you to consider a consultation with one of our high definition buttock surgeons so that we can let you know whether you would be a good candidate for our butt cellulite surgical treatment.

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