Feminized Male BBL

A 55-year-old male who underwent high definition liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, lower back, and chest and fat grafting to the buttock

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What is Special About a Feminized Male BBL?

Feminizing the male BBL is unique to male clients that desire a Brazilian buttock lift that is more feminized in appearance. The feminized male BBL contains several differences than the female BBL. In the female BBL, a plastic surgeon augments all aspects of the buttock. This includes maximizing central and upper projection as well as the lateral gluteal depression or lateral hip region. This desired female BBL buttock shape is best coined by the bubble butt.

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In contrast, male clients who desire a feminized buttock shape desire only augmentation of their central and upper buttock cheek. Also they avoid any augmentation of the lateral gluteal depression. As such, this preserves the male aesthetics of the butt and hip region. This is typically more athletic in appearance. Specifically, creation of the butterfly buttock requires avoidance of fat grafting in the lateral gluteal depression, while fat grafting is isolated to the upper and lower lateral buttock regions only. In the feminized male BBL, these aesthetic parameters are supplemented with generous transfer of fat to the central and upper buttock region. This fat transfer allows for creation of a feminized, male buttock.

Feminized Male BBL

In summary, the male clients who desire a feminized appearance of the female buttock can take advantage of strategic fat transfer. This procedure will maintain the male BBL functionality. A male BBL includes upper lateral buttock fullness and the creation of a shelf that will hold up your jeans. However, they can take advantage of a more projected central and upper buttock. The additional fat transfer will achieve a feminized male buttock. If you are a male client and considering a feminized male butt appearance contact our center for a consultation today.

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