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Best Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor

Butt Lift surgery. Her goal was to have a higher but modestly rounded shape

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery: Her goal was to have a higher but modestly rounded shape in the mid-and upper part of her buttocks

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This 28-year-old female who successfully completed a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery was treated with advanced BBL protocols and the utmost safety.

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The best Brazilian buttock lift doctor must achieve an aesthetically superior buttock contour and stunning sculpting of the entire body.

Best Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor Attributes

A Brazilian buttock lift requires the harvesting of fat to be able to transfer it back into the buttocks. As such, the best Brazilian butt lift doctor must be able to build up the butt and possess an aesthetic eye when harvesting fat deposits to sculpt the rest of the body during liposuction. Moreover, a critical component of properly reshaping the buttocks involves contouring the frame around the buttocks. This is why the best Brazilian butt-lift doctor must appreciate the appropriate aesthetic contour lines and curves between the upper buttocks and lower back flank junction and the lower buttock and lateral thigh junction. As such, the Brazilian butt-lift procedure is directly affected by gender aesthetic preferences. For example, if you are a female, you should expect exaggerated curves but smooth transitions through the above junctions following your surgical procedure.

In contrast, if you are a male, you should expect tight junctions shouldered by linear contour lines, such as creating a shelf between the flanks and the lateral buttocks. Buttock augmentation with fat transfer can be performed as an outpatient procedure. However, it requires meticulous operative and postoperative protocols, including wearing compression garments at all times during the early period.

Brazilian Butt Lift Safety

Another attribute of the best Brazilian butt-lift doctor is striving to avoid the potentially devastating complication of fat emboli. Fat emboli refer to the accidental entry of fat cells into the circulation that then migrates to the lungs, causing pulmonary emboli. Significant research has established that only fat injected into the gluteal muscle is at risk of entering the gluteal vein, the main culprit vessel for fat emboli. As such, fat injections into the gluteal muscle have been forbidden.

Unfortunately, routine fat grafting tools do not provide the ability to detect cannula locations when performing fat injections. The best Brazilian butt-lift doctor must be able to attempt an intramuscular injection.

SurgiSculpt surgeons utilize a proprietary design of a new fat grafting cannula that allows for visualization of the cannula end using a high-resolution portable ultrasound while performing fat injections, thus minimizing the risk of fat emboli.

A final consideration for choosing the best Brazilian butt-lift doctor is ensuring your results are permanent. Many patient reviews and feedback on the web comment that only 60% of the appreciated volume gains are maintained after six months.

This is because conventional fat harvesting techniques routinely injure the fat cells, which do not survive after the graft. In contrast, using ultrasound-assisted liposuction, fat cell viability is 90%+, and thus, the fat grafting results are permanent and not compromised with long-term follow-up.

In summary, the best Brazilian butt-lift doctor should demonstrate expertise in the art and science of body sculpting and fat transfer. The best Brazilian butt-lift doctor should demonstrate a track record of successful Brazilian butt-lift surgeries with plenty of before and after photographs.

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