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High Definition Body Contouring

High Definition Body Contouring
This 52-year-old female shows HD body contouring results following VASER liposuction, tummy tuck, upper body lift, lower body lift, bilateral breast surgery, and BBL.
High Definition Body Contouring

High-definition body contouring refers to achieving stunning outcomes superior to traditional body contouring results.

Factors that Define an Ideal High-Definition Body Contouring

Several factors are required to achieve “jaw-dropping” results, and these include attaining:

  1. Aesthetically pleasing and gender-appropriate contour lines
  2. 360 degrees of contouring
  3. Natural shadows and anatomic muscular highlights

Aesthetically pleasing and gender-appropriate contour lines

Aesthetically pleasing contour lines refer to the outer aesthetic lines created with mindfulness of female and male differences. For the female patient, a maximally narrowed waistline must transition smoothly to the maximally wide buttocks and hip contour. Female contouring is challenging because patients desire exaggerated curves while preserving smooth transitions. This means that a combination of fat cell removal and fat transfer must be employed to create the feminine silhouette. In contrast, men desire linear lines with tight junctions between body areas. For example, in a male, the love handles must be eliminated with fat removal against a bold lateral buttock edge that results in a shelf on which jeans can be stabilized.

In summary, the Tilde Curve typically describes the ideal contour in females, “~.” In contrast, the ideal male contour requires distinct junctions between the buttocks and the lower back, as described by a shelf appearance created by a prominent lateral upper buttock prominence.

360 degrees of contouring

When 360-degree high-definition body contouring is performed, the entire torso must be addressed circumferentially to remove fat deposits. This is because circumferential body contouring will ensure optimal body contour when viewed from all angles. Our surgeons approach body contouring like sculptors etching a glorified statue. This means your figure will be transformed using high-definition liposuction principles during your cosmetic procedure.

Moreover, circumferential liposuction allows for the skin and soft tissues to be maximally redraped onto the underlying muscles. This form of liposuction results in dramatic body contours, much akin to sculpted statues.

Anatomical and Muscular Highlights

Creating natural shadows and anatomic muscular highlights separates high-definition body contouring from traditional liposuction. HD liposuction is predicated on creating the above anatomic highlights by employing differential removal of fat from both the deep and superficial layers of fat. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is employed to comprehensively and accurately remove the pockets of fat.

High-Definition Body Contouring: Smooth skin contour

Creating a smooth skin contour is critical for creating high-definition body contouring results. A smooth skin contour is only feasible when the fat is removed in a controlled and definitive manner.

To achieve these goals, your provider must demonstrate a) mastery of VASER technology, b) mastery of Renuvion skin tightening) intimate knowledge of muscle anatomy, d) artistic ability to sculpt the body, and e) strict postoperative regimen with lymphatic massages

Patients seeking high-definition body contouring must ensure that all of the above goals are accomplished to appreciate the benefits of HD lipo and body contouring procedures.

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