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Best Fat Grafting Surgeon

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35-year-old female patient who was already fit and wanted more shape to her butt with a fat grafting 35-year-old female patient who was already fit and wanted more shape to her butt with a fat grafting 35-year-old female patient who was already fit and wanted more shape to her butt with a fat grafting Download SurgiSculpt’s free Liposuction eBook Please see this 35-year-old female patient who was already fit and wanted more shape to her butt with a fat grafting procedure performed the one of the world renowned best fat grafting surgeon.

SurgiSculpt surgeons are considered some of the best fat grafting surgeons in body contouring.
Several factors lead to the success of SurgiSculpt, one of the best centers for fat grafting. The first factor is the use of VASER technology to liposuction the fat. Implementing ultrasound energy allows the suctioning of fat without harming any of the fat cells. Conversely, traditional liposuction pierces through the fat cells and has been reported to kill up to 50% of the cells during removal. SurgiSculpt surgeons also supplement the harvest of fat cells with VASER technology using a closed-loop system.

The Closed-loop system

The closed-loop system provides several increases in the rate of fat cell viability. These include minimizing out-of-body time during the fat transfer procedure. The out-of-body time describes the delay in time while fat cells have been detached from the body. During this time, the fat cells will suffocate since they do not have any blood flow, which will compromise fat cell viability and subsequently negatively affect long-lasting results. The longer it takes the blood supply to return to fat cells, the higher the percentage of fat cell death, resulting in loss of volume. The closed-loop system reduces the processing time of fat cells, thus minimizing out-of-body times.

Another advantage of the closed-loop system is the expedited nature of fat injections. Autologous fat transfer traditionally employed manual filling of syringes to inject the fat back into the patient.
In contrast, the closed-loop system employs fat transfer surgery, the luxury of reintroducing the fat through a continuous loop of sterile tubing that avoids the need to transfer fat cells into separate syringes. The next benefit of the closed-loop system is that it will reduce the risk of fat cell contamination and potential infection. This negative side effect of fat transfer must be avoided at all costs. If fat cells become infected, you lose all of the fat volume and may also risk a serious illness.

Buttock Assessment Tool

The final component of being considered one of the best fat transfer centers is consistently achieving patients’ aesthetic goals. Aesthetic goals must consider the patient’s desires in buttock shape and size. At Surgiscult, the Buttock Assessment Tool is utilized to define every client’s individual needs so that clients can specifically communicate their desired changes to the surgeons. The Buttock Assessment tool provides a multitude of caricatures that fat transfer patients can select from that are varied in size and shape. Shape changes include selecting their favorite buttock projection as well as buttock width.

In summary, the best buttock surgeons must be able to allow clients to choose their desired buttock shape and size and assure them of retention of recognized buttock gains. This debunks the fear that most patients have that 40% of their fat grafting results will magically disappear over time! With SurgiSculpt’s fat grafting, the final results of your surgery are there to stay. However, having high-fat viability is insufficient to warrant being called the best fat grafting surgeon.

While these methods and technologies provide a surgeon with the tools necessary to create excellent body contouring, it takes a skilled and experienced body contouring surgeon to transform your body truly. As some of the best fat grafting surgeons, they maintain an artistic eye that is crucial in fat grafting procedures. Like a tattoo artist, a fat grafting surgeon is trusted to add something to someone’s body permanently. This requires the appropriate knowledge of physiological gender anatomy to help guide the patient to THEIR ideal outcome.

SurgiSculpt surgeons understand that every patient has a concept of their ideal physique and use years of experience and knowledge to assist them in arriving at an agreed plan. After your consultation at SurgiSculpt, you will be convinced you are choosing one of the country’s best fat grafting centers and high-definition body contour experts.

Fat Transfer Surgeons

Fat transfer cosmetic and plastic surgeons offer fat transfer to several areas. The buttock and lateral hips are the most popular fat transfer areas incorporated into the Brazilian Buttock Lift. Another popular surgery includes fat transfer breast augmentation, which allows clients to achieve an increase in breast size without needing an implant. A final favorite of fat transfer surgeons is the face. Facial volume can be permanently improved with a facial fat transfer procedure, which is an advantage over facial fillers that are temporary in longevity. Fatty tissues can now be effectively transferred to correct or augment any areas of soft tissue volume loss.

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