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What is A Body Lift?

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What is A Body Lift?

Please see this 54-year-old female after her body lifts procedure. This surgery included a breast lift and implant augmentation, tummy tuck, and medial thigh tuck to complete her skin reduction surgery.

What is a body lift? Body lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery used to improve the overall aesthetic of the body. This primarily consists of the excision of excess skin, often following massive weight loss, such as after bariatric surgery, or to reverse the signs of large weight gain and loss following pregnancy.

As weight-loss surgeries such as the gastric sleeve are becoming increasingly popular, there is an increase in demand for body lifts. A body lift will address the inner and outer thighs, butt, abs, upper body, and breasts. After successful surgery, our patients at SurgiSculpt will have a natural, sleek look with proportional body parts that match their improved, healthy lifestyle.

What is a Total Body Lift?

The total body or full-body lift surgical procedures address all the areas mentioned in a 360° manner in one operation. Combining these various surgeries into one procedure cuts down on total recovery time and saves patients thousands of dollars in the end.

The key to the body lift procedure is understanding the areas of excess skin and creating a smooth, even contour. This surgery involves long incision lines that may give you a distorted unpleasant appearance if performed by an inexperienced surgeon.

SurgiSculpt surgeons have performed hundreds of Total Body Lift procedures and are renowned in the body contouring industry for their total body transformations.

Am I a Candidate for Body Lift Surgery?

There are several factors to consider before deciding on this procedure. First, these surgeries require general anesthesia and can stretch up to 7 hours (for a total body lift), so patients must be healthy individuals with proper nutritional values.

An important factor to watch is a patient’s daily protein intake. These surgeries require significant skin excisions, and the body needs collagen to heal properly, which requires high protein levels.

The next factor is that following drastic weight loss, patients must maintain a stable weight for at least six months before their lift surgery.

This provides the surgeon with a stable canvas so they can be confident that their results will be final and long-lasting.

Finally, a patient’s age plays a factor in their consideration of body lift surgery. As we age, our bodies lose the ability to produce elastin, a protein that allows our skin to retract and retain its tightness.

If you are worried about the saggy appearance of your skin and want to take the next step towards a healthy lifestyle, contact us for a complimentary consultation regarding your lift procedure with our SurgiSculpt surgeons.

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