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Renuvion Cost

Renuvion Cost
This is a 46-year-old female following high-definition liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening.

What is Renuvion Technology?

Renuvion is a skin tightening modality that can be used by itself as a supplement to high-definition liposuction procedures. Renuvion technology combines helium plasma with radiofrequency energy to allow for subdermal coagulation, a term that describes the shrinking of collagen molecules by exposure to heat. The total area that requires tightening determines the duration of surgery, which subsequently translates to the cost of the Renuvion procedure.

Renuvion works by applying heat to collagen molecules in soft tissues and the undersurface of the skin—the transferred heat contracts the cartilage much like shrink wrap. Shortening of the collagen molecules results in the pulling down of the overlying skin against the muscles and underlying connective tissue, called the fascia.

Renuvion can be used to tighten the skin in the office under local anesthesia or while under general anesthesia in the operating room.

How To Determine Renuvion Cost

Renuvion cost is another major advantage to choosing Renuvion for skin tightening procedures. When determining the total cost of surgery, the main component is the duration of the surgery. Due to the safe and expedited manner in which Renuvion administers its helium radiofrequency energy, it can be used simultaneously, immediately after VASER liposuction, thus minimally increasing surgical times.

Additionally, this means that once you pay for one Renuvion procedure, it is no additional cost for the surgeon to use it throughout the surgery.

For example, suppose you and your surgeon decide that Renuvion is required in the upper back, but after liposuctioning your flanks, he notices some excess skin. In that case, he can use the same Renuvion wand to tighten your flanks for no extra cost!

Renuvion Cost Expands Patient Population

Through Renuvion skin tightening, surgeons can reach a much wider patient population. While the ability to tighten skin without surgical excisions expands our patient population significantly, Renuvion also complicates the equation.

The difficulty and duration of the surgery often determine plastic surgery prices. For example, a Brachioplasty (arm lift) to eliminate skin looseness requires much longer operating room time than VASER liposuction coupled with Renuvion skin tightening. This results in a cheaper surgery without compromising the final results.

If you are interested in a body contouring procedure and find yourself fitting in one of those patient populations listed above, schedule a consultation with a SurgiSculpt surgeon today to see where you fit on the HD Body Scale.

SurgiSculpt surgeons use the HD Body Scale to grade each of your body parts individually to determine where Renuvion skin tightening may be helpful to get you to a perfect 9-10 points. If you are between a 4 to 7 on the scale, Renuvion is the optimal tool for you!

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