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Do I Have Lipedema?

Do I Have Lipedema?

See this lipedema patient who has an improved upper and lower body contour after her VASER liposuction procedure.

Do I have lipedema?

Lipedema is a chronic swelling condition that occurs when fat gets irregularly distributed beneath the skin – most commonly beneath that of the buttocks, trunk, and legs.

People can still have lipedema even when there is typically no excess accumulation of fat in the arms, abdomen, or chest. This is because it affects the lower extremities and buttocks almost exclusively.

These patients will experience masses of nodular fat in the legs, demonstrating excess adiposity most typically in the lower extremities. Research indicates that women, nearly 11%, are exclusively affected by this condition, in part due to hormone causes.

In fact, puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, among others could be the reason why women develop lipedema. This relatively common disease is symmetrical as an accumulation of subcutaneous tissue affects limbs equally.

Lipedema can be painful when pressure is applied to the lower extremities as well, with easy bruising and pain as common characteristics of the disease. Lipedema may begin as a concern for cosmetic reasons, although left untreated, it may eventually cause pain and may lead to other problems.


It is important to make sure you find an experienced and knowledgeable surgeon who understands and is aware of lipedema. Patients have been misdiagnosed with obesity as well as lymphedema, but these are not the same as lipedema.

In researching for appropriate and understanding physicians, it is also important to not be misdiagnosed so no unnecessary medical interventions are done. Additionally, one of the best modalities for the treatment of lipedema is comprehensive high-definition VASER (opens in a new tab)”>high definition VASER body contouring.

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