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Breast Augmentation Surgery Price

Breast Augmentation Surgery Price, CPSI.
Breast Augmentation Surgery Price, CPSI.

Please review the 31-year-old female three months following breast implant augmentation.

Breast augmentation surgery price is dependent on breast surgery preferences and requirements. Following your initial consultation, you will be provided a breast augmentation surgery price based on several factors that include:

  • Whether you are undergoing breast augmentation for the first time or need a revision surgery
  • Whether you choose a silicone versus saline implant
  • Whether you need a simultaneous lift procedure

Variations of Breast Augmentation Surgery Price

Patients undergoing breast implant surgery for the first time take advantage of the fact that they do not have any scar tissue. Not possessing scar tissue, your tissue dissection is easier and quicker; thus, your breast augmentation costs less. In contrast, the cost of breast augmentation will be significantly increased if you need to have revision surgery. In breast revision surgeries, the average cost is affected by increased surgical times to complete your cosmetic procedure. The increase in operative times is required routinely in breast revision cases which may require manipulation of your breast pocket.

Breast pocket manipulation is required in many breast revision cases where the scar tissue, called the capsule, around your implant must be modified. Breast capsule modification may include:

  • Incising to release the capsule, called a capsulotomy
  • Removing the capsule, called capsulectomy
  • Repairing or suturing the capsule, called capsulorrhaphy

All of these capsule modifications may be combined to help change the position of the breast pocket when the implant position is not ideal. These breast pocket manipulations will be utilized during your breast augmentation procedure. These added maneuvers would directly increase operative times, resulting in added facility fees and anesthesia fees. If you are experiencing breast implant malposition or breast mound firmness, termed capsular contracture, a more complex breast augmentation revision surgery as described above is required.

The next consideration that affects your breast augmentation surgery price is the type of implant chosen. Breast implant prices vary not depending on the implant size but by the implant type, i.e., silicone versus saline. Silicone implants can cost up to three times as much as saline implants. This rule holds for most cases except for a recently introduced saline implant, called the Ideal implant, which has been made to feel like a silicone implant by feel, although it is a saline implant. The ideal implant costs approximately the same as traditional silicone implants. The cost of breast implants will be shared with you during your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon so that you may make an informed decision.

The final factor determining your breast augmentation surgical cost is whether you will need a breast lift. This determination is not trivial. This is because breast augmentation surgery price is most affected by the length of surgery. A simple breast augmentation using breast implants only takes one hour or less. In contrast, a breast lift takes three times as long, such that a breast augmentation surgery price that involves a breast lift is significantly higher in price.

Traditionally, operative time will also most affect the surgeon’s cost, which is also dictated by the complexity of your surgery. Primary breast augmentation of a client with symmetric and non-sagging breasts will be the most affordable. A breast augmentation requiring a simultaneous lift and revision of the breast pocket will be priced accordingly. To receive an accurate breast augmentation surgery price, a consultation is necessary.

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