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Breast Augmentation Near Me

breast augmentation surgery patient 11 front right view
breast augmentation surgery patient 11 left view

Please appreciate this 23-year-old female following bilateral breast augmentation revision with high profile 400cc smooth gel implants performed near me.

Breast Augmentation Near Me Locations

Breast augmentation near me is a commonly searched term by patients desiring this procedure. It is routine for patients to desire to have surgery near their residences to have the luxury of convenience. This convenience can include any of the following:

  • Short travel distance from surgery to home
  • Postoperative recovery at your home
  • Ease of making postoperative appointments
  • The reassurance that your surgeon is near you in case of an emergency

“Before meeting my SurgiSculpt surgeon, I also searched for a surgeon in the community by searching for breast augmentation near me. This is the most commonly performed surgery in cosmetic surgery. In fact, in 2017, over 300,000 breast augmentations were performed.

As such, I knew that most board-certified surgeons near me could perform this procedure well. This is in contrast to more complex surgeries such as a nose job or high-definition liposuction, which much fewer surgeons possess a mastery of, thus making traveling an often unavoidable necessity.

As such, completing my breast augmentation near me was a higher priority than choosing a surgeon who focuses on this surgery. As such, undergoing my breast augmentation near me was more important due to the convenience of having the office and operating facility close to the house.

Ultimately, I ended up waiting to have my breast augmentation surgery until after having our two beautiful boys. Little did I know that desiring to choose a location nearby would be even nearer than I would have expected!”

Breast Augmentation Near Me

As described by a breast augmentation patient, undergoing breast surgery can routinely be performed near the hometown of a patient. Breast augmentation surgery requires several considerations that include whether a primary breast augmentation or a breast lift and simultaneous breast augmentation will be required. Another consideration is what breast size is desired, which will be directly determined by the size of the breast implants. Another consideration is the type of implant. Today, patients can choose either saline breast implants or silicone breast implants. The choice of implants is affected by personal choice and an assessment of the amount of breast tissue present. Silicone implants are often chosen by older patients who may have thinned out from aging or are considering a simultaneous lift to correct the sagging of the breasts. Saline implants are typically chosen by younger clients who desire a bold chest appearance.

Breast augmentation consultations completed at SurgiSculpt will provide the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of each type of implant and the style of breast implant. For example, patients may choose from a range of implants that span from low profile to high profile, which is determined by the base-to-height ratios of the implants. Another consideration is the surgical technique or approach that will be utilized. Currently, there are four popular approaches to placing breast implants: the inframammary incision, the periareolar incision, the transaxillary incision, and the bellybutton routes for implant augmentation. In most breast augmentation procedures, the implant is positioned behind the pectoral muscle, the dominant chest muscle. Whether or not a simultaneous breast lift procedure is attempted is determined by any evidence of asymmetry, breast shape deformity, or breast and nipple sagging.

Following your consultation, your surgical procedure will be customized to satisfy your personal goals. Whether you desire a natural shape that matches your body proportions or a more generous increase in breast size, your surgeon will tailor your surgery to meet your specific goals.

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