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Arm Lift Surgery Near Me

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Please enjoy this 61-year-old female who underwent an arm lift procedure.

Arm lift surgery near me is possible if you live in or near Los Angeles. If you want this surgery near me, consider completing a complimentary consultation at our Century City Beverly office.

Following your consultation, you will know whether you are a good candidate for the less invasive option using liposuction with Renuvion skin tightening or require the traditional excisional surgery called brachioplasty. The main determinant of which approach will best fit your needs is whether you have loose skin that can be tightened with Renuvion or excess skin requiring excisional surgery.

The benefit of the minimally invasive approach is that you will avoid a long surgical incision line. The disadvantage of minimally invasive surgery is that it can only correct minimal to moderate skin redundancy. In contrast, traditional excisional surgery requires a surgical incision line that will take one year to fade so that you can wear sleeveless garments.

Arm Lift Surgery Near Me Consultation

During your initial cosmetic surgery consultation, your fat deposits, excess skin as well as skin laxity will be assessed by our surgeons. Following your initial consultation, a surgical procedure will be implemented to address your concerns. Our arm lift patients will be provided either a minimally invasive or a brachioplasty procedure. Your medical history will be completed to ensure you are a good candidate for arm lift surgery near me. The specific surgeries will be described to you. In addition, the healing process will be reviewed by our cosmetic and plastic surgeons. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balance of normal activity and strenuous activities and to keep your goal weight. Removal of fat cells and droopy skin will be achieved with your upper arm lift.

The Arm Lift Surgery Near Me Preference

Patients desiring surgery near me will receive a comprehensive surgical plan that addresses their needs. Private consultations are available at any one of our convenient locations.

In addition, patients are provided with preoperative and postoperative instructions. If you follow these preoperative and postoperative instructions explicitly, it will ensure that your arm lift surgery journey is seamless.

Patients undergoing surgery near me will benefit from a state-of-the-art surgical facility near your residence. Finally, postoperative visits will be convenient for patients undergoing arm lift surgery near me.

Occasionally, patients may combine their upper arm lift surgery with a body lift or mommy makeover. Patients may choose to undergo VASER liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening, thus requiring additional lymphatic messages to ensure drainage of any residual liquid fat postoperatively.

By living near me, this additional care can be accommodated. Additionally, patients undergoing an excisional brachioplasty may need long-term care to heal their surgical incision lines. By having your arm lift near me, you can be seen regularly to ensure an optimal healing incision line.

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