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Buttock Augmentation Recovery Time

Buttock Augmentation Recovery Time
Buttock Augmentation Recovery Time
Buttock Augmentation Recovery Time

We must admire this 37-year-old female patient who has undergone a Buttock Buttock Lift and high-definition liposuction of the back and flanks and was able to return to full physical activity by ten days following her surgery. Her results are worth the buttock augmentation recovery time.

Buttock augmentation recovery time depends on the chosen technique to augment the buttocks. If patients elect to have buttock implants, they will require a prolonged recovery time of 6 weeks to restore normal daily routines and full physical activity. In contrast, if they wish to proceed with fat transfer to the buttocks, termed Brazilian Butt Lift, they can return to strenuous activities as early as two weeks following their cosmetic surgery. Earlier recovery periods following a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure follow since fat injections avoid extensive incision lines that prolong the healing process.

The Buttock Augmentation Recovery period

Following buttock augmentation with butt implants, patients are not allowed to sit for two weeks since the increased shear stress placed on a solid foreign body, such as a silicone implant, will increase the vulnerability of the implant to extrude through fresh incisions. Surgical incisions typically require six weeks to heal, thus preventing patients from sitting on their butt cheeks during this time. Following butt surgery with buttock implants, patients are counseled on how to sit in the early recovery period so that they only sit on their upper posterior thigh to avoid direct compression on their implants. The judicious wearing of compression garments also alleviates undue pressure on the implants.

Ultimately, buttock augmentation recovery time is dictated by the time it takes for the muscle fascia (the muscle lining) to heal as the implant is placed inside the buttocks muscle through an incision in the muscle fascia. Ultimately, a capsule will form around the implant, thus resulting in stabilization and avoidance of the implant from unnecessary mobility.

The Butt augmentation recovery time is significantly less for patients undergoing buttock augmentation using fat transfer, i.e., Brazilian buttock lift. Fat collection and transfer are accomplished using small poke holes in the skin. As such, recovery time is limited to 1 week, which is the delay required by the fat cells to re-establish blood supply. As such, patients may tolerate strenuous exercise as early as two weeks following surgery.

Routinely, patients are encouraged to taper out their pain medications which will forbid them from driving a car as early as possible. If you have a buttock implant, we must have you avoid sitting and thus driving for six weeks. Additionally, moderate exercise should be resumed as early as possible to maintain your health and encourage healing. When recovery times are optimized, the risk of complications is also minimized. The recovery process is an intimate part of all cosmetic procedures and a priority at SurgiSculpt.

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