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Lateral Hip Dip

Lateral Hip Dip
Lateral Hip Dip

Please appreciate this 35-year-old female patient demonstrating correction of buttock hypotrophy with a BBL and lateral hip dip filling.

With the advent of the Brazilian buttock lift or BBL, attention to buttock aesthetics has never been more critical. With the advancement of buttock aesthetics, it has become evident that attention to the lateral hips is just as essential as the back of the bum. Lateral hip dips are an extension of the mid-butt hollow, a common concern of patients desiring buttock augmentation. The lateral hip region is unique in that it requires correction from the rear and the front. If you are interested in having a high-definition Brazilian buttock lift, you must ensure that your surgeon appreciates the mid-buttock extension to the front lip region. As such, correction of the lateral hip dip is critical to achieving the perfect.

At SurgiSculpt, we utilize portholes located in the infragluteal region to effectively transfer to the lateral hip dips. Although upper buttock portholes are popular for transferring fat to the buttock, we feel that lower infragluteal crease buttock portholes provide improved access to the lateral hip region and allow for fat transfer to the buttock properly. Also, we utilize lateral pubic port holes from the front side to add fat to the lateral hip dips. The typical surgical order follows a starting position with the patient on their belly with their buttock up to then being placed on their back to approach the lateral hips from the front.

Lateral hip dip filling requires variable fat volume transfer based on patient size and shape preferences. Patients may desire conservative lateral hip dip filling so that there is no concavity or demand more generous lateral hips to create a bubble butt. Preferences for lateral hip size and shape vary per age, ethnicity, and personal desires and are affected by bone structure.
For example, Puerto Ricans and African American patients desire more prominent lateral hips, as depicted by Miami physicians’ Brazilian Buttock results. The review shows that this preference for more robust lateral hip contours may be related to having more generous thighs. This trend is likely due to the female aesthetic of having smooth transitions.

Smooth transitions are the aesthetic goal over the buttock to the lower back junction and the buttock to the lateral thigh junction. As such, patients with more generous thighs may desire more aggressive lateral hip filling to create a smooth transition between the lateral hip and thigh region. We are currently completing a survey study to delineate patient preferences in both lateral hip fullness position and degree of fullness.

Suppose you want a high-definition Brazilian buttock lift with correction of lateral hip dips. In that case, we encourage you to consider SurgiSculpt surgeons, premiere primary BBL and BBL revision specialists. Patients worldwide can now complete a complimentary virtual consultation with SurgiSculpt surgeons to determine the appropriate lateral hip contour filling to achieve their ideal body contour goals.

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