Skinny BBL for skinny people who want a BBL

Skinny BBL for skinny people who want a BBL

Understanding The Skinny BBL Procedure

Skinny BBL is a new terminology that describes a buttock augmentation surgery. This procedure is for athletic clients who desire improvement in their buttock contour. The skinny BBl describes the enhancement of the buttock contour that is more athletic in appearance. The best way to appreciate what a skinny BBL entails is to consider both the sporty client’s body type and the buttock size and shapes the client desires.

Athletic clients devote a lot of time to working out regularly and appreciate an athletic body type. Athletic clients typically have skinnier legs and thus desire conservative lateral thigh and hip volumes. In addition, they typically possess limited body fat available for harvesting and transfer to the buttocks. Our athletic clients often possess only 10 to 20% or lower body fat percentage thus making harvest of fat a challenge. A skinny BBL with a Brazilian Butt lift is considered by most to be preferable to butt implants.

Harvesting Fat for your Skinny BBL

The challenge of limited fat volumes to harvest is overcome by utilizing ultrasound-assisted VASER liposuction. VASER liposuction can remove 40% more fat than traditional liposuction techniques. Another fortunate consequence of clients desiring a skinny BBL is that they desire limited amounts of fat transfer. Athletic clients typically desire refinement of their buttocks rather than a sheer increase in volume. The real challenge of creating a skinny BBL is appreciating the specific buttock size and shape the client desires.

Your Complete Guide to a Skinny BBL

Surgi-Sculpt provides clients with a complete guide to skinny BBLs. If getting an athletic buttock interests you, we will provide you with all the information you need to complete askinnyBBL surgery successfully. To complete your skinny Brazilian Butt Lift procedures successfully, you must make sure that you communicate the buttock size and shape you desire. Then, you will require a comprehensive evaluation of all of your fat depositions.

This ensures that your SurgiSculpt board-certified plastic surgeon can accomplish your procedure since you are likely athletic with a low body fat percentage. Finally, using our proprietary high-definition BBL protocol that utilizes VASER liposuction and a closed-loop fat harvest and delivery system, your skinny Brazilian Butt Lift will be complete.

Communicate Your Skinny BBL Buttock Size and Shape

Communicating your wishes with SurgiSculpt regarding size and shape is critical in obtaining your successful skinny BBL procedure. This is because each patient’s desires concerning aBrazilian Butt Lift Surgery differs. General guidelines relating to a skinny BBL include the creation of a buttock cheek that is minimal to moderately increased in size. Skinny BBL shape specifications are unique. They include a maximally projected upper central buttock contour and conservative filling of the mid-buttock lateral hip region.

In addition, we utilize a proprietary buttock size and shape aid called the Brazilian buttock lift Tool. This tool utilizes caricatures to help you delineate your desired look and communicate that with your surgeon. Comprehensive Skinny BBL Evaluation of All of Your FatDepositions

As part of your skinny BBL journey, you must ensure a stable weight and enough fat to complete your buttock transformation. First, we must estimate how much fat your plastic surgeon will transfer to your buttocks to get you to your dream skinny BBL. Based on your starting point, the buttock you have chosen on the Brazilian Buttock Assessment Tool, and the extensive experience available at SurgiSculpt, your plastic surgeon will calculate the amount of fat you need. Then a comprehensive evaluation of your body is performed.

The cosmetic procedure is challenging because if you have an athletic build, you will likely have a very low body fat percentage. This means thinner patients will probably need a 360-degree liposuction fat harvest. A 360 fat deposit harvest allows your BBL surgeon to scrape out the little fat you have for your fat transfer. Fat removal from athletic patients requires high-definition protocols that have been advanced at our facility.

Completing Skinny BBL with High-Definition Liposuction Protocol Completing your skinny BBL surgery requires implementing high-definition liposuction to harvest the small number of fat deposits present from all of your concern areas. Of course, if you are an elite athlete, you may have no concern areas at all! In this scenario, taking advantage of high-definition liposuction protocols.

It is even more critical Athletic bodies typically have very thin layers of fat, which will require careful removal of fat from the entire body in a circumferential manner. Fat transfer from patients with low body fat requires using liposuction, which removes fat from common density areas.

The Complete Guide to the Skinny BBL Conclusion

The complete guide to the skinny BBL requires an initial consultation to consider choosing the correct buttock that you desire. Then, a comprehensive evaluation of your fatty deposits and medical history to assess the task of removing fat for your skinny BBL transfer. Finally, it is important to consider recovery time and other cosmetic surgeries. Our skilled surgeons will advise you on artificial implants and breast augmentation for your ideal body shape.

If you are interested in a private consultation with a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, we encourage you to complete a consultation request with one of your skinny BBL specialists. A skinny BBL can be performed on suitable candidates who have lost the appearance of buttocks or have an athletic body type. The procedure can also be part of a more extensive body contouring surgery, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction.

In conclusion, the skinny Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can be used to achieve a leaner, sexier backside. It is an excellent option for those who want to enhance their buttocks without undergoing a full abdominoplasty or other major abdominal procedures. In addition, BBL recovery requires much less healing time than synthetic implants, and our Surgi-Sculpt cosmetic surgeon can ask the essential questions to make the best choice. Call us today!

How to Use the Brazilian Buttock Lift Assessment Tool

The best method for delineating the desired skinny BBL aesthetics is to use the Brazilian Buttock Lift Assessment Tool. Using the BBL assessment tool, we have recognized that patients desiring a skinny BBL will typically choose conservative to no filling of the lateral hips and mid buttocks. This is because they desire a deeper lateral gluteal depression that is characteristic of an athletic body.

The skinny BBL also demonstrates characteristic features of buttock projection that is localized to moderate increase in the central upper buttock. Plastic surgeons describe this as the J-Lo buttock which clients often see in dancers or athletes. The increase in the upper buttock region derives from the appearance of a strong gluteus maximus muscle. This prominence is contrasted against a less prominent lower buttock pole that is characteristic of a fatty buttock.

If you are desiring a skinny BBL, our SurgiSculpt team will help you achieve the buttock size and shape of your dreams.

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