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Butt Implant Cost

Butt Implant Cost

This female patient underwent a buttock augmentation with implants – rear lateral view

Butt Implant Cost

This female patient underwent a buttock augmentation with implants – rear lateral view

Butt Implant Cost

This female patient underwent a buttock augmentation with implants – rear view

Butt Implant Cost

This female patient underwent a buttock augmentation with implants – left view

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Patients can fully understand buttock implant cost by appreciating several factors. First, the final cost of any procedure comes down to the length of the operation. The length of the operation is determined by the number of surgical maneuvers required to complete the procedure. Another way to consider the buttock implant cost is to consider the patient’s starting point and personal goals. Thus, the shape and size of your starting buttock and your desired buttocks will determine what needs to be done. Once you have decided on your butt implant surgery plan, we can estimate the length of the surgery and subsequently calculate your butt implant cost.

Buttock Implant Results

Identifying the buttock you desire helps determine the final buttock implant cost. For example, suppose a patient presents to my office and desires only central buttock prominence, also known as the Cali BBL. In that case, they are a good candidate for buttock implant augmentation only. Central buttock projection, as it sounds, is limited to augmenting the central region of the buttock cheek. An isolated buttock implant augmentation is regarded as creating a more athletic look.

Buttock implants can only be positioned in the gluteus maximums muscle, and this muscle sits over the center of your buttocks cheek. If the patient’s goal is central prominence, the buttock implant cost commonly ranges between $10,000-$12,000. Plastic surgeons recommend buttock implants to patients who either desire extremely prominent central buttock projection or lack adequate fat transfer fat. Fat grafting to the buttock may not be an option for patients with a body fat percentage less than 5 to 8 %, even if moderate buttock size is desired.

Are There Other Factors That Affect Butt Implant Cost?

Buttock implant cost can vary when we consider other factors, such as the patient’s body frame. This is because your body frame may affect whether your body needs to be contoured, thus requiring high-definition liposuction. When a prospective patient desires lateral buttock filling to her buttock and contouring of her lateral thighs, medial thighs, and lower back and flanks, you must plan a surgical procedure involving liposuction and fat harvesting. Depending on the patient’s natural silhouette, the ideal buttock shape may require longer operative times to accommodate the degree of body contouring required. The ideal buttock shape of a patient may require not only augmenting the central buttock but also contouring the lateral buttock, snatching the waist, creating a thigh gap, or filling the lateral hips.

Depending on how much body contouring the patient requires, the patient’s buttock implant cost may rise by another $10,000 to $15,000. More motivated patients may wish to complete 360 liposuction, which means body contouring, or even request abdominal etching.

Buttock Size

Another consideration that will affect the buttock implant cost is the buttock size the patient desires. When patients desire maximum buttock size and shape, this is a bubble butt. You may have to consider full-body liposuction to harvest sufficient fat to fill not just the lateral hips but also the upper, middle, and lower lateral buttocks, as well as the upper and lower buttock projection around the centrally positioned buttock implant. Such patients should expect higher buttock implant costs since the buttock surgeon will require full-body liposuction to harvest sufficient fat for transfer.

The buttock implant cost can vary depending on the patient’s needs. Just knowing the cost of isolated buttock implant augmentation is important. Seeking a buttock specialist such as a board-certified surgeon is critical to receiving an accurate buttock implant cost. Evaluating your overall silhouette is essential because it establishes your start point and will determine the extent of your buttock surgery to achieve your buttock surgery results.

Buttock Sagging

The final consideration that will affect buttock implant cost is whether there is moderate to extensive buttock skin sagging. The buttock implant using a solid silicone implant will accommodate minimal to moderate skin redundancy of the buttock. However, the cost of the buttock implant will increase by a required butt lift when the skin is moderately extensive in redundancy. It is important to differentiate a Brazilian Butt Lift, limited to fat transfer, from a butt lift, which describes an actual buttock tuck. A buttock tuck utilizes a heart-shaped excision line positioned along the junction of the upper buttock and lower back that provides the ability to eliminate moderate to extensive amounts of skin to eliminate buttock skin redundancy.

Buttock implant Augmentation

Buttock augmentation procedures are affected by multiple factors, including butt augmentation with either an implant or fat transfer and a buttock tuck to eliminate skin redundancy.

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