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Creating the Best Belly Button for a Tummy Tuck

Belly Button Shape
Creating The Best Belly Button For A Tummy Tuck
Belly Button Shape - Creating The Best Belly Button For A Tummy Tuck

43 years old female following a tummy tuck

Creating the best belly button for a tummy tuck surgery is critical. First, the umbilicus or belly button is a central abdominal feature in both men and women. Undeniably, it is visible to all onlookers of tummy tuck patients. Located along the midline, the umbilicus is a small depression in the abdomen that plays a fundamental role in the overall aesthetic of the abdomen and the body as a whole.

Successfully locating the neo-umbilicus is crucial to optimizing the appearance of an abdominoplasty. As such, all cosmetic surgeons must emphasize the creation of the best belly button possible during a tummy tuck surgery.

Even the slightest mispositioning of a few millimeters can compromise the results of a procedure. Mispositioning the belly button is feasible since both repair of the abdominal muscles, and elimination of the excess skin will affect the belly button position. In the past, efficiently pinpointing the location of the neo-umbilicus was difficult, especially considering a majority of techniques attempt to locate the neo-umbilicus only following the completion of the tummy tuck incision line repair. Once the horizontal incision line has been repaired, the belly button position can often only be estimated!

Traditional techniques for positioning the belly button have been wrought with technical challenges. A popular conventional technique involves pinpointing the umbilical location before fully redraping the abdominal skin flap; however, this technique only provides a rough estimation of the new belly button position.

Another technique in creating the best belly button for a tummy tuck proposes locating the umbilicus using other physical landmarks such as the xiphoid and pubic symphysis. The belly button is felt to be located at approximately a 60:40 ratio, meaning located slightly lower than the mid-vertical level. Another reasonable estimation is to assume the belly button is located at the level of the upper aspect of the hip bone. Unfortunately, these techniques fail to consider that every patient is unique, and the best belly button for a tummy tuck can vary from patient to patient.

Creating The Best Belly Button For A Tummy Tuck

At the SurgiSculpt, we implement unique and proprietary technology to find the optimal location for the umbilicus.

A successful tummy tuck procedure requires perfect placement of the umbilicus. Locating the position of the umbilical stalk accurately over the superficial layer of skin is the first step in creating a natural belly button. Then, the stalk was delivered and skillfully shaped. The Umbilicator offers an innovative solution to creating the best belly button for a tummy tuck.

The umbilicator is a small stainless steel marble-shaped tool that allows SurgiSculpt surgeons to identify the belly button stalk accurately. Before redraping the abdominal skin, the umbilicator is attached to the umbilical stalk. After the skin is redraped, the surgeon can precisely locate the umbilicus by feeling over the abdominal skin for the umbilicator.

A simple incision is made where the umbilical stalk can be identified, and the Umbilicator’s design allows it to be easily removed. Then, the umbilical stalk can be sewn to the surrounding skin to complete a natural and aesthetically pleasing neo-umbilicus.

Routinely, patients have voiced their satisfaction with the success of creating the best belly button for a tummy tuck. Not only is the tummy tuck procedure itself performed with incredible success, but effectively creating the neo-umbilicus produces a pleasing final result for this cosmetic surgery.

If you have loose skin or stretched-out abdominal wall muscles, please get in touch with us at SurgiSculpt today for a complimentary consultation to meet one of our tummy tuck surgeons. Following your tummy tuck consultation, you will be well-versed regarding this cosmetic procedure and appreciate the surgical techniques offered at our centers.

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